Small World

Something occurred to me today that I had never really considered.  When I come in here, sit down to the keyboard, and start putting my random thoughts on the page, they are going worldwide.  It suddenly dawned on me, that this is no longer a regional thing, it is global.  I had never really considered that until today.

Once again, the Ice Man’s head hath melted, welcome to my world.

My realization was I had never been a global participant prior to the experience.  We here in this country, have a tendency to write about regional things, national issues.  We also write about our grandchildren, dogs and cats, the things that irritate the fizz out of us.  People in Europe and Asia, they do basically the same.

But how many of them ever stop to consider that what they are discussing is going out worldwide?  Perhaps that is what I find so dog-gone interesting about this medium.

We never stop to think about where it goes when you hit the “publish” button and send it off.  Same with what we read, where we go when we surf the net.  All of it whether or not it is “homegrown” or foreign affects our world and the way we think.  Our world because of the net, has grown smaller it seems.

I get a huge kick out of the BBC and some of the papers in Europe.  I have also discovered that we American’s have a profound tendency to think “that WE are the world” and not “part of it.”  We don’t seem to understand that we are just one particular area of North America, sharing a continent and we are by no ways “the entire planet” even tho’ at times we surely act like it.

When I read something like: Iran has temporarily halted exports of fuel oil because of domestic needs during a severe drought, a senior official was quoted as saying on Saturday. Iran is a regular exporter of fuel oil to Asia. But industry sources said on Saturday it will halt exports of the heavy fuel from August as it builds domestic stockpiles ahead of winter, and due to a heavy maintenance schedule in the fourth-quarter. I know my electronic friends are in for some rough sledding in other parts of the world. This news really doesn’t affect the average American (big consumers of natural gas), but people in Asia, and the U.K. who depend on “fuel oil” to heat their homes this winter, for them it isn’t good news at all.

Again, a global thing.

So as you can see, it is no longer a regional thing, it is a world-wide issue, a global problem.  Perhaps we need to as American’s start acting regionally and thinking globally and together, we might be able to figure some of this out.  We are after all, sharing the same blue-green sphere, a marvelous planet that is hurtling thru space.

Last I heard, we the citizens of earth, didn’t have any kind of viable exit strategy in case of man made disasters …  Sit back and take it all in via the wonders of Great Dane Pro. Com … Blue Beauty.


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  1. Hi – Google’s Blog alert sent me to this post because of the term “regionally.” I enjoyed the post and will include a link to it in the August 13 issue of Regional Community Development News. Please visit, check the tools and consider a link. Tom
    Thank you so much for the invite Tom, I did go over there and look around and it is impressive, well laid out, you certainly have a lot of work invested there it seems to me. It looked and read well. I will be back in the future for sure.



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