Up In Smoke

As the mortgage debacle reaches its nascent stage, a lot of other newsworthy items are falling into the cracks. A lot of talk here lately on the growing and marketing of Marijuana in this country. But because of all this other ___ no one is really noticing. Pot growing in the U.S.A. is “big time business.” If we could somehow legalize this, and tax the sale of it, we could bust the federal deficit in a period of under five years.

80% of pot crop in the United States in now grown on Federal land, it invades our National Parks. Thousands of marijuana plants were seized last month in the Dixie National Forest in Utah. We have a new blight on the land. Mexican drug cartels are stepping up marijuana cultivation in national parks and on other public land, endangering visitors and damaging the environment.

75%-80% of marijuana grown outdoors is on state or federal land. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) says there were more than 4.8 million marijuana-plant seizures at outdoor sites in 2006. Tighter border controls make it harder to smuggle marijuana into the USA, so more Mexican drug networks are growing crops here.

We are finding more marijuana gardens in the parks year after year. And to top it off, we’re dealing with some bad characters. We are arresting people … who have criminal records in Mexico, and almost all of them are here illegally with false papers.

The number of marijuana plants confiscated on public land in California grew from 40% to 75% of total seizures between 2001-2007, says the state’s Campaign Against Marijuana Planting task force. Hunting and cleaning up after pot growers diverts resources at a time when parks face chronic funding shortfalls. says Laine Hendricks of the non-profit National Parks Conservation Association.

Recent busts:

• A site with 16,742 marijuana plants was raided last month in North Cascades National Park in Washington state. It was operated by a Mexican organization. People living at the site downed trees, dammed creeks and left 1,000 pounds of trash.

• Thousands of marijuana plants were seized last month in Utah‘s Dixie National Forest. Ignacio Rodriguez was charged with drug and immigration offenses, says Michael Root, a DEA special agent. The problem is worst on the West Coast, but law-enforcement pressure on growers has pushed them out this way.

• Last month, officials burned thousands of marijuana plants seized in Cook County, Ill., forest preserves. Drug organizations use the Chicago area as a base for distributing marijuana across the Midwest, says DEA special agent Joanna Zoltay.

• In July and August, officials seized more than 340,000 plants, some from Sequoia National Forest and Kings Canyon and Sequoia national parks. Mexican cartels are responsible for many sites in those parks. They leave behind car batteries and propane tanks and poach deer and birds.

Visitors to wilderness areas are at risk, marijuana plants have been found marijuana within a half-mile of public beaches and very short distances from campgrounds and highways.

Perhaps it is time to legalize this cash crop and do something about this nationwide problem.

We might be able to “kill two birds with one stone” as my Mama used to say. This immigration problem on our southern border could be alleviated and the problem of growers taking over our National Parks for the illegal practice of pot growing, this might disappear too.

What would happen if we just made Mexico part of California, wouldn’t we spend the same amount of money to help support them in their efforts to grow, as we spend trying to keep them out? Why do we constantly try to jail these people and pay for their medical bills?

Especially when they are not willing to become “American’s” in most cases.

Why don’t we just give them California and let them grow all the pot for the nation, and we will collect the revenues and taxes on it. California used to be part of Mexico at one time. It would not take much to annex it back to them, there are parts of Oakland, Stockton that I would gladly give to a foreign country.

Let’s face it. The war on drugs hasn’t done anything, we lost, it is over.

Roughly 75% of the two million incarcerated prisoners locked down in America, are for drug related offenses. The drug problem, like it or not, is OUR problem. It is big business, #1 cash crop in America, take a visit a modern day pot grower see for yourself. We are the society that is using this garbage and creating the market for it. If we did not use it, then they would not be coming north to grow it on our soil.

If they are going to come which is a pretty safe bet, then we should document them, and let them help out with the tax burden, social programs, and welfare issues. If they need a job, we will just send them to Mexi-Fornia and put them to work growing smoke.

Tax the crap out of it, and pay off our huge federal deficit. If they can put a federal tax stamp on a pack of Marlboro’s they can do the same with a bag of grass.  Plus it is great for the economy.  We will sell more Twinkies and Dorito’s, China Mart will sell Goldfish at three in the morning, and Denny’s will fill all their empty booths after two AM.

Its a win-win deal, I am surprised those pecker-heads in Washington haven’t thought of it by now.


That didn’t take long

Picked up the paper this morning and there it is, “Lawmakers put A.I.G. execs on the spot.” Six days after the government rescued A.I.G. with a massive $85 billion loan, the insurance company spent $443,000 on a week-long event for agents at a California resort, according to invoices produced during a Congressional Hearing on Tuesday.

All the pigs are rushing to the trough and you are paying for it. How does it feel?

According to records the committee obtained, the event’s expenses included nearly $200K for rooms, about $150K for banquets and $23K for spa treatments. While Average Americans are suffering economically and yet less than a week after the taxpayer rescued A.I.G., company executives could be found wining and dining at one of the most exclusive resorts in the nation.”

Once again, I hate to admit it, but we are ahead of the curve. Last week I wrote that this would happen and it comes to pass. It is enough to make a guy puke.

McSame is going around now pimping off the Home Loan plan as “his plan” but this is not true. Hillary and a lot of other folks signed off on it BEFORE he even came into the room. Here it is in a nutshell:

“If a homeowner bought a house for $300,000 – and the value then fell to $200,000 – McCain would have the government purchase the mortgage for $300,000, instead of forcing lenders to accept the loss and renegotiate the loan. The only way in which the government then makes a profit is if the house’s value rises above its original market value of $300,000,00.”  …  Which is possible, but highly unlikely.

In case you missed it, “the banker profits” on the deal and you of course, get nothing. I swear, the longer this goes on, the more I am starting to feel like an old dude with Alzheimer’s standing in a whore house, they are demanding that I pay for it, but I just don’t remember getting screwed.

The number of American automobile dealers that are tanking out has been revised, it has now gone to 700 (up 100 from last week). The only thing that appears to be a quick fix would be the thawing of credit (strange term don’t you agree?) something to restore consumer confidence and help the industry. With car lots full of cars, and no one to sell them to, they suddenly find themselves in a pickle.

My 12 year old hoopie is hurting, something to do with the master-cylinder on the brakes, think it needs a new one, but I am not sure. So we, like most American’s have done, just parked it and it is now our big red dust catcher on the driveway.

I started having problems last week, the “Check Engine Lite” came on. But I couldn’t check it; there was too much smoke. Then the “Game Over Lite” came on, I had not seen that one before.

Consumers will pay about 15% more … An extra $150 on average … to warm their homes this winter. Those that rely on home-heating-oil will be hit even harder, the Energy Department said this week. Here in Oklahoma I personally believe we will be sitting in the dark, freezing our hinny’s off, in order to save about twelve bucks. I understand back east, people will actually resort to burning their furniture, times are tough. The average household will spend $1,137 on heating from October to March according to the department.

Meanwhile officials in Colorado announced this week that residents there could face a 23% hike in energy costs starting in February. They of course cite higher costs for natural gas, coal, the increased cost of pumping water, building pipelines and infrastructure.

More? Okay.

Wood pellet distributors have been running short of the product because homeowners have switched over to pellet burning stoves to heat their house (guess they ran out of furniture?) and they are reported to be “stockpiling the pellets” for the upcoming winter. Some are said to have a two year stock on hand to meet their needs.

Yeah sure, I believe that … Portland Oregon.

Joy Sartin says she kept her money in her bra because she didn’t have her purse with her, and was only offering to pay a traffic ticket. But a jury determined the shapely 25 year old “Lingerie model” was trying to bribe a police officer. She was arrested after taking $270 from her bra when her car was about to be towed during a traffic stop.

Again in the northwest.

Monroe, Washington the return of D.B. Cooper? A man armed with pepper spray robbed and armored car guard coming out of a bank and then escaped by way of the Skylomish River with a bag of money. Police said one witness saw the man floating off on an inner tube. Investigators believe accomplices could have picked the robber up at a nearby park or boat launch. D.B. Cooper was the first person to hijack an airliner in the U.S.. And was never found.

Now we have a new urban legend … D.B. Toober.

Yeah I know, but it’s Thursday Y’all.

Here is the quote of the day (possibly the week, as it isn’t over yet). McSame last night on NBC said that “we could not pull out of Iraq; we lose everything we have gained. Huh? What have we gained? Other than a mountain of debt and ill-will around the world, some 5,000 dead.

He said the first thing he would do when assuming his office in January would be to enact legislation to stop the problem of falling soccer goal posts which killed three American’s this year … And of course, leave all the soldiers right where they are.

Vee-Pee wanna be Palin when asked the same question replied with: “Tee-Hee, giggle-snort-snort” and then winked at the camera.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going back into the kitchen and stick my head back in the oven.


Parting Shot: “Everyone needs to be loved … Especially when they do not deserve it.”

“The cartoon was published by the Center for American Progress” (online)