Poor Joe The Plumber

Must have been a great outside weather weekend, I note that we did not receive that many visitors to the site over the past couple of days. The news has been nothing short of terrible here lately, perhaps everyone just kicked back and got drunk, I dunno.

But alas, don’t give up, hope is on the horizon!

I see where President Bush has announced that he is going to “host an economic summit in the United States” to inform the other countries around the world on the present economic situation. Which is kind of tantamount to sending a fox into the chicken coop to watch the chickens if you ask me. When they announced this on TV this weekend, the first thought that ran thru my mind was Robert Oppeinhimer (sp), The Father Of The Atomic Bomb. When watching the first detonation of the weapon he commented, “I am death, the conqueror of worlds.”

Which is what Bush is to anything remotely connected to economics.

Our president, is the Dr. Kevorkian of economics’ (Dr. Kevorkian is what is known in this country as the Suicide Doctor, he assists people who wish to die). Which brings me to my next thought, “If Mr. Bush is the Dr. Kevorkian of economics’ and he assists you and your economy still thrives despite his well intentioned efforts …. Can you sue him for malpractice?”

If you have not been living in a cave somewhere or off the planet recently then you are aware of our Poor Plumber Joe.

I appears that “Plumber Joe” kind of stepped in it. He mistakenly assumed that because he was attending a political rally, and he was here in this country, that he could ask a question of a candidate at a public function. He instead found out that it is another totally different world than the one he lived in.

This is what happens when you try and cross over from your realm (reality, life, taxes) into their world (Politics’, elite, chosen and privileged) you can find yourself being ground up fairly quickly by the machine. Joe figured he “had the right” to step up at a political meeting and ask a question of his leadership, this was of course, wrong.

This is an arena that if you are not a player is very dangerous. Plumber Joe found out rapidly as things started to disintegrate in his world that in politics, you either suck your way in or you are invited, but you do not, just cross over. This is their world, and they are very protective of it. Now his life is being dissected much like a frog in biology class, one item at a time, and he is being fed into the media grinder.

Not a good weekend for Plumber Joe.  Or as Dr. Phil would say … “What were you thinkin?”

It was announced that he really doesn’t have a plumber’s lic. which is bad, because it is required where he lives (he said he is studying for it), and that he owed $1,298.00 in back taxes to the I.R.S. And that he was a half-cousin to …… oh well, you get the picture, don’tcha? The media jumped on this guy faster than a pit bull at a mailman convention, poor Joe.

Three men were on there way to a political meeting when their automobile broke down. One was a butcher, a plumber and a politician. They went to a farmer’s home and asked if he could put them up for the night. The farmer agreed, but stipulated that one of them would have to sleep in the barn, as he only had room for two in the house. The butcher said, that is not a problem, I will sleep in the barn.

So he went off to sleep in the barn, and the other two men stayed in the house.

After a short while, there was a knock on the door. The farmer opened the door and there stood the butcher. He said, “Y’know I have smelled a lot of rank things in my life, bad meat, rotten food, stuff like that. But I cannot stand the smell in that barn.”

So the plumber told the farmer, “That is okay, I will go out there.” This was okay for about 45 minutes, and then again, there was a knock on the door. The farmer opened the door and there stood the plumber and he said, “I have smelled a lot of nasty things in my career, septic tanks, clogged sewers, you name it. But I cannot stand that smell.”

So the politician volunteered to go out to the barn. Same deal, about thirty minutes later, a knock on the door, and the farmer opened it up and there were ALL THE ANIMALS FROM THE BARN standing at his door.

It now appears that the much ballyhoo’ed era of change has arrived sooner than expected in America.

Now it seems very likely that we are no longer allowed to even ask a question of our political wanna-be’s. Bush effectively squelched the “free speech issue” by banning protests within five miles of anywhere he speaks, and now we have this.

Which is for lack of a better word … just downright sad.

Kind of like the guy who stood up to Premier Putin recently at the Russian Assembly and said, “Sir, my name is comrade Dobacheq, and I would like to know how come I have no heat in my Moscow apartment?” and Putin replied, “We will tell you next year.” So the following year, Dobacheq stood up and said, “Premier Putin, I would like to know, why there are no groceries in my local store?” and Putin replied, “we will tell you next year.”

The following year, another comrade stood up and he said, “Premier Putin, my name is comrade Mannski and I would like to know where comorade Dobacheq is?”

Now all you political neophytes who dream of “change.” Go back to your cheap seat, sit down and shut up.

This is America for cryin’ out loud.