Obama – Kickin The Wrong Dog

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Don Smith ’65 – Nov 12, 2008   EditDeleteViewersReply to this item

Seems to me that we are being too quick to lay this off on Mr. Obama. Some good reading over here, have not been around for awhile, things are exploding over at Creative Endeavors ever since Mr. Obama made the cut.   Janice Bullock Hubbard made some really interesting points, and gave us all something to think about.
Personally, I don’t want to be on free money and I don’t think living at the bottom of the scale is a good place to be, but that is me.   I also understand that when a society, any society, becomes dependent on the government for its livelihood, it folds.   Almost like a black hole, a dying star, it implodes inward and is no more. It is economics more so that it is social, when a government has more going out than it has coming in, then it will fold.   We are there right now, we could be even worse two, three, four years from now. Mr. Obama may be our newly found appointed savior and he might not be? Only time will tell.
Erosion of democracy is a serious problem. My first indicator of this disgusting pockmarked open sore on the face of democracy appeared after Katrina and New OrleansI saw daily each night on the news, the results of people living in a welfare state.   Some are ugly, some incredibly beautiful. Alaska for most intents and purposes is a welfare state, but you cannot miss the incredible raw beauty of the place.
Now here is my reality, he is on the front page of this site, Bobby Lopez (a soldier in Iraq) and thousands like him, stuck in an illegal war (perpetrated on half-truths and lies), and I want them to come home.   Mr. Obama promised to do that.   After 8 years of the Bush Wrecking Crew I am not in that good shape to begin with, I certainly did not need another four years of that.
People are so quick to point out the working poor, the disenfranchised in this country as the root problem, but it is not so.   We have the highest prices for sugar in the world, why, because of “Sugar Farmers and Sugar Substitutes” paid out by the government.   We are paying people to NOT raise crops or animals, where is the logic in that?   We pay people all the time to NOT make things, to NOT attend, to …….. oh well, you get the drift.
You don’t like them doling it out to lazy no good what-evers, then give them a job picking up trash on the highway, raking leaves, doing something.   Put some sweat equity in the law, give it some teeth.   And if some whining punk politician doesn’t want to do it, then vote his dumb a** out and get a new government moron on to handle your business.
This is the part that is really going to stick in your craw, but I am going to say it anyway.   It is up to “us” to do something about all this.
There would be plenty of money to go around if someone would stop the hemorrhaging of the economy, the loss of jobs going overseas, the corporations in this country who cheat or downright do NOT pay taxes are legions.
American Express this week declared itself “a bank” in order to sign up for some of the free money, another hog comes to the trough, and we welcome it with loving arms, lipstick or not.
Problems, a lot of problems, and until we are willing as a race of people (A United race of people) to sit down and work it out, to do something other than lament and complain, it will remain the way it is.
We have 500 and something people telling us what to do (U.S. Congress), think about it, 330 million people being bossed around (in some cases by complete bozo’s) and we allow it.   When all the time we have not only the right, but the instruments in place to throw the bums out, but we sit home and munch on chips instead of going to the polls.
We sit around and bitch about everything, but we do nothing to change it all.   Now there is nothing “personal in this” and I mean no malice.   But perhaps it is time, high time, we stop complaining about our housekeepers and instead, clean up our own house, and at the same time, make it a better world for all.
That is our reality. And if you vote for me ….

Like I said, “When you find it, attack it, you are somebody and you can make a difference.”