Raspberry Award

walterHas anyone seen this video floating around where the kids are purchasing groceries for complete strangers?  This has been going around for a week or two.  It is so refreshing to see young people doing good works, soothes my soul, gives me a warm fuzzy.

Evidently WalMart has updated its policies on charity giving and such.  Not long ago a friend told me that a guy had went into a ChinaMart and bought some pre-paid gift cards and was standing in the doorway of the store handing them out to people and wishing them a “Merry Christmas.”

Which it was, until security showed up and demanded that he stop the practice.  Now this is kind of lousy, he did after all purchase THEIR CARDS in order to fulfill his holiday destiny.  But ChinaMart was having none of it … they stopped him dead in the water.

So the Holiday-Do-Gooder went to Target as the story goes, told them of his problem, asked them if they would replace the ChinaMart gift cards with theirs, and allow him to do this good work in their store. 

They readily agreed, took all of the left over ChinaMart cards and redeemed them for full face value, and then issued the guy new TARGET GIFT CARDS and made available for him a space to do his thing.  God Bless Target … A lump of coal and a steady supply of raspberries for ChinaMart if this anti-holiday policy is still in effect.

Here is one more we will throw out on the porch and see if the cat will lick it up.

You want to greet me with Merry Christmas, that is just fine.  I am not going to be all touchy about it.  If you are hassling your employees about this practice, then you should be ashamed of yourself.

As for me, I don’t do the gift card thing.

Americans already have too much stuff, they don’t need any more cheap trash from you know where.  We will find an older couple (most likely several of them) in an eatery and we will pick up their tickets and buy them lunch/breakfast.

At this point you are tiring of the diatribe, so I will close with this:  “I don’t need a Brown Thursday, Black Friday or Super Saver Saturday” to make it thru the week, and neither do you.

That is all I got, see you, tah-tah tootle-loo.



2 thoughts on “Raspberry Award

  1. Couple years ago I’d read where some couple was in the Drive-thru lane at local “calorie adder” and told the guy/gal at the pay window that they’d pay for the car behind them. That car had an older couple in it, and the old man driving could just barely see over the steering wheel. Certainly made their day when they learned that their meager meal was purchased for them !
    So, a couple times last year, and 3 times this year at our local Wendy’s – Jack ‘n The Box (usually on a Sunday) when I’d throw on some duds and drive to either one ( the wife don’t like to do breakfast on Sunday) and look for a need person (s) waiting for their meal, I’d tell the cashier that I’d pay for such ‘n such’s meal. Gotta tell you it’s like being Santa Claus just looking at the reactions on their faces ! And yes my good friend, it IS a warm ‘n fuzzy feeling !


    • Hey good for you. I did that once on the Turner Turnpike, picked up the car behind me and then this van comes shooting by with about a 100 little kids waving like crazy! Another time we picked up the ticket for an RV at the Painted Desert in AZ.

      And you are right, it is just like Christmas.



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