Daddy’s Toddies …


One of the things I really enjoy or look forward to this time of the year is Egg Nog.

Super Sweet and Ice Cold as it slowly slinks its way down my throat to my stomach, it often triggers an emotion of … well … it is just good stuff.  Being a diabetic I am not allowed this luxury of life, and it is not good for me, which means I have to sneak it in the house in a brown paper bag, and hide it in “MY” refrigerator.


(By the way … Every man should have his own refrigerator, put that on your list for this year)

Unfortunately sometimes in life, we often unknowingly consume things or liquids that are not good for us. Here is an example:  It was a bad week to be a manager at Applebee’s in Michigan. The restaurant has apologized for serving a toddler tequila other than apple juice.

His mother said she knew something was amiss when her 15 month old son started saying “Hi and Bye to the walls” and that he eventually laid his head down on the table.

The poor kid was later found to have a blood alcohol level of 0.10 which would make him legally drunk in a lot of states if he were driving.

Applebee’s has promised a full investigation, this should come before the court case and the litigations.

I know this is a serious thing, don’t get me wrong.

Like I said, this time of the year it kind of reminds me of Egg Nog, and my dad, who was an alcoholic. When we were small children, he would make my sister and I “Hot Toddies” (Egg Nog, Jack Daniels, Cinnamon, warmed and served in a small decorative glass) at Christmas time.

We (my sister and I) didn’t know the drinks had booze in them, and they were sweet and tasted simply wonderful. So when this adult role model freely offered us this sweet, warm elixir from the dairy heartland, we lapped it up.

As small dinkers, we just assumed they were “part of the Christmas tradition” in our home. We didn’t know our dad was getting us swacked.

Mom would come home from work and exclaim, “Jeeze Loren, the kids sure seem to be in a good mood?” and he would shrug his shoulders and say something like … “Aw, it’s Christmas, you know how they get.”

Most of my family are now gone and the Holidays often do not represent a happy time for me personally. If your family unit is well and intact, treasure the time you have to spend with them.

As MasterCard is so fond of saying … “That is priceless.”


4 thoughts on “Daddy’s Toddies …

  1. Being a fellow type 2 diabetic, there’s a few things that I “crave” from time to time. Actually I “cheat” and scarf ’em down usually on Friday ! That would be my sausage, pepperoni and cheese pizza with soft crust. To wash it down, a couple of glasses of a good Merlot wine. Yeah, yeah, yeah, like you I take my selection of pills morning and night, try to ride my 15 speed bike for my mile out ‘n mile back to the house; most of the time.
    It’s very hard to watch those gawdawful commercials on the tube, ’cause the “food” ones are so damned tempting ! However, I’d made up my mind long ago that I WILL attempt to be honest with myself, ’cause that’s ME that I look at in the mirror and just have to suck it up and stay with what the doctor and my wife have in store for me as a daily intake. Oh ! did I forget to mention that during the summer months I cheat on Fridays with a pitcher of margaritas?


    • Hello Joey, I have one cheat day per week. That is a day where I just about eat anything that I desire and I try to stick to that. My problem is over the years, I have grown to be friends with my fat, and it is hard for us to separate.

      Thanks for your comment pard.


  2. That refrigerator looks just like mine! And FD does have his own “beverage” refrigerator in another room – I have taken over the freezer part but he doesn’t seem to mind! We do not have much family around here either, and truly Christmas is a lot about the little kids. We drive hundreds of miles most years, to hook up with family or extended family, but this year we have family coming to visit us. As we get older that feels pretty good for a change!


    • Taking over the upper part of the refrig. must be a girl thing, Cup Cake did the same thing to me. Our kids always drive up from Texas for the holidays. The egg nog is great, but the sugar, well, we all know what the sugar does don’t we?

      Thank you for your well written comment.



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