One More Day In Paradise


Out with the old and in with the new, 2014 is long gone, tah-tah-tootle-loo we will see you.  Another chance for all of us to somehow get it all right … Yeahsus, good luck on that?

The line at Starbucks was 12 deep at the drive thru, what in the world are those people putting in that coffee?  First move out of the bag for the New Year was to change out my avatar to a more recent photo, the one I had been running was about ten years old, not exactly a fair representation of what I now look like.  Makes me wonder how many people cheat on their age, weight and circumstance on FaceBook?

Bet the numbers are high.

Just watched another National Geographic documentary which claimed the nation’s lack of sleep was causing health problems.  Missed most of it (I took a nap) but did catch the very end. Which basically said … If you cannot sleep doctors immediately recommended watching additional National Geographic documentaries in the future.

Everyone is wishing people well, at least once a year, we can be civil to each other, and that is somewhat refreshing.  Lot of photo’s of the snow and the cold, which is normal for this time of the year, but totally unexpected by a great many people. 

What do you actually do on a snowy day in Texas or Oklahoma? 

How do you amuse yourself when you are socked in.  We like to sit at the kitchen table, the Mrs. and I, arranging all of our slides for the funeral home just in case, you never know.

Braving the cold, walked out to the mailbox and there it was.  It’s official now, got the email just this morning, the I.R.S. has declined my request to be removed from their mailing list and it appears we will have to cough it up again.

Which means more exciting video’s at supper time from the Middle East as America launches another $2.5 million dollar missile to destroy one lonely pickup racing thru the sand with some unsuspecting rag-head behind the wheel.

Which of course “just makes my day” … 2015 could turn out to be a Good Year after all.


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4 thoughts on “One More Day In Paradise

  1. I am doing my part to raise the average sleep number.


    • Sometimes I think about all the times, early in the morning, shooting down the mainline, standing up in the cab, back against the electrical cabinet of the locomotive. Stretched out and struggling to stay awake, and how difficult that was. Seemed like the road ran forever and not a siding in sight on a lot of days.

      Now, we can just lie down and drift off, and that is so sweet, just to be able to do that, eh? That, and of course, we know that damn telephone isn’t going to ring and we have NO MORE trains to ride.

      Thanks for your comment James.



  2. Two or three email buds had sent me the same email since last Saturday with the “new” taxes” that went into effect 1-01-2015. Here on the “left coast” we were also informed that yet ANOTHER gas tax of $.09 a gallon will or has gone into effect too. Filled up the wife’s car yesterday in Lodi, CA and the price of fuel was at $2.23 per gallon. Kinda self-defeating methinks now that oil is less then $90 per barrel; but HEY ! a good deal of us out here ain’t gonna give up them thar vehicles dagnabbit !!!


    • It is going to be a short sweet ride the Saudi’s are undercutting everyone and the bottom so far has not been in sight. I find it awfully disturbing that oil drops $50.00 but gasoline a matter of pennies. We are under $2 per gallon here Joey, eat your heart out! Hah.



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