New Horizons …


There is something being kicked around, a new vision on the horizon for bus owners.  People are discussing the possibility of bringing something back from the dead (no this is not Jerry Springer, this is the real deal), a de facto expired bus board pulled from the trash-bin and given new life. 

Starting up something totally new, maintaining it, moderating and watching over the birth of your creation is admirable.  All of that requires dedication, resources, discipline, but most importantly it eats up time.  A precious commodity that most people do not seem to have a lot of these days. 

Having done exactly this to some extent (maintained a website for some 8 years) I can testify that it furnishes few rewards if any.  Someone I know is thinking of resurrecting an old fallen flag, Eagles International, and putting it back up on the net in good working order. 

Something akin to the Phoenix, rising from the ashes and soaring again. 

Smart money would say the current site (of the same name) is somewhat difficult to swim in, it is what a few would refer to as a dead zone.  If you don’t believe it is technically a dead zone, look at the calendar or upcoming events.  My access is severely restricted (non-existent) but I would lay you six to five … A meeting in the desert this month and then nothing for the next six months, not a whole lot of socializing or mixing there. 

Now it is entirely possible that late additions will be made, but right now, this is how I would assume it stands.  With their dormant life-less board added to it, most of this (socializing and/or inter-reaction of the members) appears to be impossible. This is why I believe (in my opinion) the EI board is an abysmal failure as a social networking site.

The steady resistance to change and the apathetic attitude of some of the members suffocates creativity and change.  (Change is the first necessity of progress, show me a throughly satisfied man, and I will show you a failure. Thomas Alva Edison said that I believe.)  The ironic part is that “It imploded on itself, and was not eroded from the outside” all of their apparent misgivings were and are, self inflicted.

Reminds me of the guy who showed up at a knife fight and all the other people had was cheesecake.  It is, and was, a place where fun came to die.  

All this might be why there is a gaping hole in the ozone for bus meets and social events going down.  If I personally want to meet up with bus people, I call them on the phone, tell ‘em where I am going and invite them along.  They in turn do the same for me, and here is the good part, we don’t have to vote on it sixty-two times to “git ‘er done.”

So at the end of the day. After all the lukewarm coffee is gone, and the last stale day old donut has been consumed, what do you have left?  Not much.  When diesel fuel plateaus at $5 or $7 per gallon, there will be plenty of spots available around the old truck rim campfire to work it all out.

The question then might be:  “Will anyone be there to vote on it?”

Those of you who somehow manage to survive, maybe they will save you a spot.  If you are a member of the bus community, you need to SUPPORT your interests, and GET BEHIND the people, who tirelessly go out on the limb and sponsor events geared to your desires and needs.  No one wants to follow a parked car, and no one wants to sponsor an event only to see abysmal attendance numbers at that event.

There is much more to bussing than sitting in some dingy parking someplace that is neither strange or exotic.  There are plenty of Flea Markets in Oklahoma, just ask my wife, she knows the location of all of them. 

The free distribution of information is a good thing. 

Mingling with those of “like kind” is also a plus.  Do not forsake the assembling of each other as some of them over there would say or whatever. 

As usual, this is just my unsolicited opinion and nothing more, some may share it, and others may not.  Either way, it doesn’t change my way of thinking it.  Nothing wrong with another bus board on the net.  It is like the other guy said, when they caught him in the neighbors closet, “Everyone has to be somewhere.”

So much for public bus board networking in the communication age.  Dale Houston (Songman), if you are going to do this, well, I say go for it!  My hat is off to you*. 


*  Comments are open as usual, you are free to leave your opinion or thoughts on this or any other subject you find here.  Lift it and share it with your friends in the bus community.