Another Dose Of It …


Honey it’s on … They are lying to us again, come watch this.

This post contains plenty of hot air, and none of it, has been deleted.  I just love it when politicians come on television, knocking off World Wrestling, to tell me how good I have it.  Right when you are getting into, I mean, really getting into, the Paso De-Doughblee on Dancing With The Stars, they switch to the scripted drivel that politicians call “Leadership.”

It has at times actually struck fear into my very soul.  When the folks in Washington D.C. start telling me how good I have it, I always think of the poor sucker who is standing up to his ass in alligators while he is draining the swamp. Safely on the bank a few feet away, stands his buddy Billy Raye, and he is saying, “Hey, lookie there Vern, I only see a few today.

Moving swiftly along … Boxcar is getting ugly again.

One more time, you silly goose in Dearborn Mich.  The piece was entitled “It Is Not Easy Being A Guy.”  It was not entitled “it is not easy being GAY” that is YOUR problem not mine. 

One more thing …. Puh-lease, no more pictures!

Don’t rush over to China-Mart and purchase a bottle of Coke to try the toilet bowl cleaner trick that is being passed around the Internet.  It doesn’t work, but there is always a good side.  Coke has come out with these new spiffy aluminum bottles, pretty cool. Which reminds me, “I need to make a bacon run” sometime soon.

Did you know that something like 80% of all of your body heat leaves your body thru the top of your head?  Yeah, no joke.  I have discovered this winter, that if you do get cold and you do not have an extra blanket?  Grab a wool watch cap and put it on your head, and believe it or not, you will stay warmer. 

It bothers me to know this fact to some extent, if all the heat, leaves my tired old wrinkled body thru my head, why do my armpits smell like that?  (Now who says that I cannot paint a vivid word picture?)  We need to come up with something for my feet, that would be nice.  If you are done blowing chow, we will continue.  Blowing chow is what all the kids call it these days.

Hey, I just thought of something.  You could take the watch cap, cut some eye holes in it, and run into the kitchen scare the ____ out of your wife, bet she has never seen a naked burglar!

No good huh …. well, whadya expect for free?

I do have a new goal.  This year, on and my site, I am going to make a concentrated effort to shorten my posts.  Figure out how to tell you that at the tender age of eleven, I stole a towel from my mother, wrapped it around my neck, and then climbed up on top of the roof of our house.

There on my fathers G.I Bill Welcome Home From Korea You Sure Have It Good VA Loan Home roof, I announced to my excited audience of young peers, that I could fly like Superman!    

I will do this, in say under 500 words*, and perhaps tell you about the nice lady I met on my first trip to the ER.


* Clearly I did not make it this time.  I know it can be done boys & girls I just need to find some new disciplines that work.