Xpress Line …

Yesterday, weather was good, so we made a Bacon Run to China-World.  Great deal of traffic on the Super Slab, the low prices on gasoline has started to show up as a plus for the consumer.  They can actually afford to go somewhere now.

I saw this at China-World and thought it would be a good deal, so we bought a package and brought it home, I really cannot remember what the price of the item was.


Here is what really irritates the fizz out of consumers. 

The biscuit on the left side, is the actual size of the product, the biscuit in the middle is what they portray on the box, and in the upper right hand corner, is my biscuit with one bite taken out of it.  Talk about pissing you off, money doesn’t go very far any more to begin with, and we have to get ripped off by the producers like this.

No reflection on Jimmy Dean (who passed away last week) he didn’t have anything to do with it.

January is almost over, and I am still observing folks who are burning their Christmas Lites.  The wife has been on me to pull ours down, so yesterday I got the ladder out, and pulled ‘em down.  I am all set for another year.


Would like to end this on a positive note if I could. 

While standing in line at the SuperCenter we noticed a mature lady with only two items standing behind us.  So I smiled and said, “Hey Mom, you don’t have a lot of stuff, step around and you can go ahead of us.” 

She smiled and replied, “Are you sure?” and I said, “You bet.

The guy in front of us, noting what was going on also waved her on thru with her two items and off to the font of the line she went.  After paying for her products, she looked at us, and said, “Tonight I am going to lift up all of you up in prayer, for being so considerate to an old lady.

I smiled and said, “Thanks Mom, I surely need the prayer and we all could use a little practice, huh?

Give it a shot next time you are at the store. Doesn’t cost one thin dime to be nice.



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5 thoughts on “Xpress Line …

  1. I’m never in a hurry at Walmart. I often help the elderly or handicapped reach items or let them in front of me in line… even help them to their cars. I grew up respecting my elders. I think that ended in my generation, sadly.I don’t see any of the young people doing this. :(


    • We have stood in lines 28 minutes long at China-World, so I know of what you speak. You should be just about ready to start putting in your garden huh?



  2. Have you noticed with the lower price of fuel that truckers are once again speeding? When prices are high they do about 65 on the Interstate, but now they are driving like it’s 1975.


    • Haven’t ventured out lately, did not notice, just saw an increase in the volume of the traffic. I now drive slow anyway, so all of it passes me.

      Thanks for checking in James


  3. It is not uncommon Joey to be charged more for less in this country. Beginning to be the norm and not the exception. I know it happens, but that does not mean I have to like it, right? Picking up the check in a cafe for an elderly couple is my bag, do it all the time. It costs a little more to be kind these days, but like you say, "it is well worth it.”

    Thank you for your comment.

    In case you are wondering pard, I was monkeying around and kind of lost your quote. Sorry.


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