Story Lines From Hell …

  • Learning how to be humble
  • Like it or not you are related
  • We will all get the same size hole in the ground in the end. 
  • Super Market Tabloids/Bus Boards
  • Louis L’amour novels
  • Nicknames
  • There is someone downstairs/It is a woman thing
  • How incredibly hard it is to be nice.
  • If idiots could fly this place would be an airport.
  • Mousetraps and grandsons
  • Dee-mi Moore/See-mi Trucks
  • Laughing in bed/where is his leash?
  • Tom Cruise/Charlie Sheen
  • Inspirational showers/Rural water systems/great water pressure

These are what I call “Story lines.” 

The creative process is fairly simple and straight forward.  I write them on small scraps of paper, you sometimes find them in notebooks, napkins, back of a store receipt, store them on my phone.  Later on, when time allows, I do my best to dredge them up from my cerebral cortex and write posts pertaining to them as best as I can recall.

In other words, I am crazier than hell and wake my poor wife up in the middle of the night laughing hysterically about something that pops into my head. You can find me in the shower, 3:30 A.M. cracking up! 

Why 3:30A.M.? … My standard answer, “Why not?”  

Why the shower?  Because the shower is a good idea incubator, that is also why … Our current water bill is two-hundred and sixty-six, forty-five … that’s why.

A few will ask “Where is the humor, where does it come from?” and the answer is everywhere.  Look around.  Often early in the morning, when the lawn is covered with dew, and the blue velvet shines before the dawn.  I think of some of you sitting there in your underwear, drinking coffee and reading this.

And I just crack up!

I also like to listen to interesting stories spun by others as well, but do serve them up in small doses, I am after all, from Oklahoma. There is also the matter of advanced early memory loss due to increasing seniority on the planet and the sixties.  If your story is too long, or has too much detail, my brain shuts down to process what you already told me as I dissect it into figuring out you as a person.  Thus … The deer in the headlight look all to familiar at bus meets and social gatherings, book clubs, Target, and women’s shoe stores.

A student of life, I am one of those people who likes to carefully study others. I have learned to tell a lot about a person by their comments, actions and habits.  Being observant always, I often see things the casual observer would clearly miss. 

Such is the case here. 

I can see the wheel is still spinning, but it appears the Hamster is dead.  Oh wait!  That was good, I need to write that down.


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  1. Since today is supposed to be pretty with a high around 75, I’m going to try and hatch some ideas under my shade tree. I’ve already had one; don’t move to the northeast part of the country.

    Now that’s the ticket! My hayfever and rag weed intolerance is in full bloom today, so it must be close

    Thank you for your comment.


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