What Was That You Said …

via Bus Nuts Online.  Another note from the basement of time.

images-1On the railroad a train with loads short of its final destination, say Dallas Texas, would be on the head-in of the train.  Loads south of Dallas to Houston, would be placed on the rear-end.

So if you were to hear over a radio, “185 go on down to the south-end, we will rip off your shorts and fill your rear-end.

Well, if you didn’t know what was going on, it would sound strange, that is understandable..

Same thing here (BNO and other places), a few folks reading into this, stuff that aint there, or fabricating non-sense and trying to pass it off as facts.  Maybe it is the water, or sunspots, I dunno.  It could be something as simple as no sense of humor. 

If I were to say to my friend Clifford, “What is the deal with Arizona.  I don’t see any Indians in the restaurants” and Clifford said to me in reply, “They don’t like reservations.”  Some would find that amusing, and yes, some would find it racially offensive.  Just depends on the person on the receiving end of the quote.

Some things are humorous other things are not.  Rule of thumb (look on your other hand, you will have one just like it).  The main problem as I see it, is not sticking with the agenda as presented

IE:  Elephants to Swallows would be an example.  Everyone is talking pachyderms and all of a sudden we are on barn swallows.  Thread drift in order to shift the emphasis off of the problem and focus on something quite unrelated. 

Used to know this guy who prefaced almost every sentence with:  I am a nice guy, I don’t know why people treat me like this?  On and on, day after day, then quite by accident I asked him. 

“Well, if you are such a nice guy, why do you have to keep telling everyone you meet that you are just that.  Seems they could figure that one out for themselves.”

He never had much to say after that.  Wouldn’t it be just great if everyone did that?



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