BC: High Plains Drifter …

FYI:  New to this site.  If you see “BC” in front of a title that will indicate “Bus Camper” as I know a lot of you do not share my passion for old buses, nor do you wish to read about them or the lifestyle.  Guys yes, girls not so much.  So if you see it first ladies or you are a non fan, just pass.  There will always be something else later on.

High Plains Drifter

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Boyfriends Gone Bad ….

In February we will try and focus on the wife, the family, love and generally speaking … some good news.  Do our level best to provide a nice diversion from the norm for you and your friends.  Tell everyone you know …  

In January we put out 62 posts on Creative Endeavors and accomplished something I had previously never had done.  We posted each and every day in January, sometimes twice or more.  Believe me … That is not easy to do.

Todays Post … Boyfriends Gone Bad

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