Just The Facts Mam’ … Shades of Dragnet.

imgres-1Our oldest boy is a cop, yeah, no joke.  Which is often on the plus side of the scale from time to time. 

As he is a cop, you can ask him what I consider are legal questions. 

Such as:  “If you turn in a guy for beating up his kids, can you still ask him about borrowing some of his tools?” 

Stuff like that.

Anywho, he asks me “Can I bring my cruiser (cop-car) over on Saturday, I want to wash and wax it.  Lot of shade here at our place, and this makes the job go much smoother.  Owning a 70ft long bus barn often helps too. 

So I said, “Sure.  Bring it on over.

I wake up a little late, venture out there, he is busy waxing his car, and two other buddies are there in their cars at the same time.  Evidently we are going to make a day of it here, wash, wax and shine. 

Sun is shining and the birds are singing, and I have three cop cars in my driveway.

Later on, this neighbor of mine, who is into everything and everybody, you know the type.  She wants to know what all the cop cars were doing over at my place?  Now this is the same person who tried to stop me from building my bus shop, because she said “it cut off her supply of air.  Even went to a city council meeting to complain about it, where she discovered that I had a valid building permit. 

I am not making this up.

Looking her square in the eye, and not breaking a smile, I said, “Aw y’know.  You slap your old lady around a couple of times, and they want to make a Federal case out of it.  Not really sure if she got it or not, but then again, she doesn’t have anything I want to borry (Okie talk) anyway.

Take a deep breath honey.



One thought on “Just The Facts Mam’ … Shades of Dragnet.

  1. Be a good neighbor. Open the doors on your bus barn and let some air through to the poor lady!

    She used to work as a doctor at the Federal Penitentiary in El Reno. We kind of suspect that the government slowly over the years, drove her mad! Does appear to be a strong window of good weather approaching I might actually get something done for a change.

    Good to hear from you.


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