a diatribe on Valentine’s Day

Here is a lady’s look at the Estrogen Enriched Chocolate Manufacturers Holiday coming up.

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heart card

Valentine’s Day raises its ugly head again this weekend. Ugly, because it really has become such a shallow, meaningless day. I think it probably makes more people unhappy than any other day. It is such a hollow day of “haves and have nots”.

As a teenager, my girlfriends and I would send each other cards, and of course cards to one or two boys we worshipped from afar. Sometimes, we would paint lipstick on our lips and kiss the envelopes thinking we were so outrageous. I imagine that by the time they arrived through the post the lipstick would have been a messy blob of colour, if that!

Mr FD and I have never really been into Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t the huge thing it is now, when we were first married, last century. Now, well, as Mr FD once explained, he doesn’t like to always do the “expected” and…

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Grandpa’s Winning Ticket


Twice a week, for literally years, Grandpa Vern would dress up, grab his hat and head on down the road to the local Root N Scoot for a cold “Soadie Pop” as he called them and at that time he always bought two lottery tickets.

Just a short walk, in the open air, and even tho’ age had slowed him down, and he had what he called “a terrible hitch in his giddy-up” he would faithfully make the pilgrimage down the road for the exercise and the dream of winning the lottery. Continue reading