REALLY … I mean REALLY … Bad Luck


This morning they are saying 3 folks won the Powerball and will split three ways.  I didn’t know that Puerto Rico was playing, what is the deal, 175 million to 1 odds AND all of Puerto Rico too?  I am throughly convinced there are always two winners on the lottery.

  1. The Federal Government.
  2. The State Government.

Now the one that sucks? 

He is a million dollar winner, did not catch where it was that he lived.  This poor slob bought a basic powerball ticket, if he would have added an extra dollar, he would have automatically doubled his winnings, he did not.  He had five numbers and had 18 for the powerball (19) … Which is one digit off from the big prize.  Instead of getting $91 million and some change, he will get around $500K after taxes.

That is one memory I do not want on auto-replay in my brain for sure.

The AMA has reversed its stand on prostrate exams.  Now they are saying that they are useful, but in some cases could actually cause more damage in men, that previously thought.  Which is the way it always goes, just about the time I get where I am getting used to something, almost enjoying it, they stop. 


Came home one time from an appointment and the wife said, “Well, what did the doctor say?” and I said, “Well honey, he said it is my prostrate and that I need to exercise it twice a week. 

She said, “You need to do what?” and I said, “Exercise it.  Y’know, have sex.”  She thought about it and then said, “Okay, sign me up for Tuesdays.

McDonalds is having trouble in Japan. 

Lot of nasty stuff showing up in their burgers, teeth, pieces of insulation, in one case part of a finger.  Yeah, I know …. EEEEEeeeeeew.  I loved the food in Asia, but then again, I never went to a McDonalds outside the continental USA.

Some of our friends went to Hong Kong last year and stayed at an upscale hotel in that city.  During our conversation I casually asked them “What did they think of the food?

I mean, we are in Hong Kong, man you can’t get better than that. 

The wife smiled and said, “Oh it was great, every night about super time, Bill and I would walk two blocks down the street where they had a Burger King.

Life is crazy, some of us sail off on the cruise of a lifetime, sit back and bask in the sunshine.  There there are those who cannot for the life of them, figure out how to unfold their deck-chair.



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  1. Lol ~ thanks for a morning chuckle! Nicely written and love the lotto video :)

    We are grateful, you are welcome, we want you to smile, you have a nice smile. Thanks for stoppin’ by



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