Old School …

imagesDo you remember when the Milkman delivered milk to your front door, and you could sneak over to his truck and get a handful of chipped ice.

How about the Ice Cream man, he actually sold Ice Cream and not dope, like they do today.

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.  John F Kennedy  … “Are you any better off, than you were four years ago than you are today?” Ronald Reagan …  The great society is a place where men are more concerned with the quality of their goods than with the quantity of their goods.  Lyndon B. Johnson

I make no bones about “being old school” and my wife will be the first one to tell you, “Oh, he just getting cranky again.  But I believe that to be not so.  What I see and what I perceive in life, well frankly, it disturbs me.  We have crack heads raising pot-smoking children and the results are less than friendly. 

In Louisiana they are now teaching “civic’s and manners” in school, simply because, “they are not getting it at home.  We cry for terrorists and shoot our own cops.  Our children are zoned out on video games and cannot spell. 

Society has turned over a new leaf and it just wasn’t all that pretty.  And like it or not, with all your computers, cellphones, digital paraphernalia, you are not any better off than you thought you were.  Make sense?  No? 

Okay, look at it this way.

Consider all the improvements in your life, since 1945 to about 1971.  I used to marvel at all the things my grandparents had seen in their lifetime.  But all of it sort of wound down in the seventies.  Not that much that is new coming down the line any more, what we have now is improvements to what we already have.

We have nice phones, but it still takes a long time to go Europe on a plane.  We still have measles, we have not eliminated cancer or smallpox.  In 1971 it took an airliner eight hours to fly from London to New York.  It still does.  Concorde ate that up, but Concorde is dead, long gone.  True our automobiles are faster, use less fuel than they did in 1971 but there has been no paradigm shift.

Since 1970 the U.S. Government spent over $100 billion on cancer research and only lowered the rate 5%.  The chances of you contracting cancer in 2014 and beating it are not much better than they were in 1974.  We lost the war on Drugs decades ago.

We are living longer, but are we better off?  I don’t know. 

This unparalleled vision that I was sold in my youth, appeared briefly, and then folded up like a cheap suit.  Today all we get is more low-priced junk to feed our consumer engaged society and more hype, speculation to the point where it appears to be nothing more than fantasy.

Something needs to give.



One thought on “Old School …

  1. The cost of healthcare and a bite in disease will probably never go down or be eliminated because there is too much money to be made from keeping that going. It’s not about progress or improvement… it’s about money. And much the same with all of these cool electronics and gadgets – there is great money to be made suckering in those who are self indulgent and have to have the latest and greatest. Business companies must also upgrade to keep up with technology and be competitive… money, money, money. I am happy here where life is uncomplicated, peaceful, and without stress. Maybe as we get older we figure out that life isn’t about being in the fast track, and having it all. Maybe it takes getting ill and being made to look at everything in slow motion to get that all of this “stuff” is what’s making us sick and tired. It’s a tremendous thing when we realize, less is more. :)

    Not much I can add to that well written comment for sure. Too much stuff.




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