Lord Help Us


There was a period in my life where I listened to nothing but Hank Jr., Waylon, Willie, Johnny, Merle, David Allan Cole, etc. All of those hard-living, dope smoking, living on the ragged edge mainliners of country music. 

Then came social responsibility, a family, a house,
the car on the other side of the garage.

Eventually the family came along and as our boys went on their own way.  They of course marched to a different drummer. Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Pantera, and anything else that was heavy but still had a real story to tell for kids their age. Drove the wife crazy, the wild album covers, the lyric’s about nasty things.  We adapted it best as we could, by gently closing their bedroom doors, at every opportunity.  Then silently shuffling on down the hall.

Time has a way of healing things, the nest is empty now, and the boys are gone.  I could not for the life of me, tell you what type of music they listen to. 

The grandchildren think we are older than dirt, and so far out of it, we will never come back, they smile that zombie smile with their earphones wrapped tightly around their neck.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself coming back around to listening to more and more Hank Jr., Waylon, Willie, Johnny, Merle.  Everything Hank sang back in the 80’s still rings true today.

Now we fast forward to 2015 … When I want tunes, I like Blake Shelton, Trace Adkins, Vince Gill… and a bevy of lovely young ladies.  Why?  Because now, after what surely has been an ocean of water under the bridge, they have a story to tell even for guys my age.

All of it changes with time. 

The language, the culture, society turns a new page, and they rewrite the book again.  Thru it all, there has remained one constant in my life that never seemed to change.  That was my ability to adapt to whatever came down the pike.

Just today I was thinking about it.  I can take this Selfie-Stick I got for Christmas this year, and next summer it will come in real handy when we roast marshmallows over a campfire in the backyard.

Oh lawd, lawd hep us to be strong.  The times they is a-changin, and we is aging … an shuffling along.



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One thought on “Lord Help Us

  1. Watch those marshmallows! High sugar content.

    Have you ever seen those Monster Sized one’s, they are huge. You can only get one in your mouth at a time.

    Stay warm



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