All Dialed In … And Holding.

random-6As you age, change is inevitable and in my case, hard to adjust to. I guess, unlike the typical Okie, who lives in a fast-paced, experience-driven, multiple-option world, where choice and personal values pale beside the possibility of exposure to the latest, the biggest, the fastest, the most prestigious, and don’t forget ……. “the best” ……. or the most expensive.

I am out of touch. Everyone around me is zippin’ down the Information Highway and I am here, stuck on the on-ramp waiting for a break in the traffic.

The other day, our grandson Kyle, the “teenager” (groan) was over here, and I swear, that kid got more telephone calls, text messages, than I have had in say, five years? Yeah, that wouldn’t be so unreasonable to say.

He has 1,500 songs on his I-pod thingy, who in the world has time to listen to fifteen-hundred songs? He said he was streaming live something or rather, and has downloaded his upgrade five times ….. give me a break.

Surround yourself with modern day trappings, and you in the end, still have what everyone else has, not much. Never before have there been so much transmission of information and so little true communication.

Innovative communications methods and machinery have been developed and embraced in the past decade, yet the human beings for whom those tools have been developed have increasingly lost touch with the art of personal communication.

One of the very reasons that the Internet took off like it did, was the bare fact, that you could do it all “anonymously” and did not have to inter-relate with anyone.

Communication with total strangers and NO commitments.

Tailor made for the American Psyche. A new American lifestyle … Cocooning … burrowing into one’s home/car where comfort and entertainment replace contact with people outside the immediate family. That is when they are not on a cell phone or some other gadget with lithium five year batteries.

I gotta go Grandpa, I have this telemarketer on my other line. I will catch you later.

Don’t bet on it.



3 thoughts on “All Dialed In … And Holding.

  1. Remember how our grandparents thought we lived in a fast paced world when we were kids? Life makes a circle, old timer.

    Could not agree more, what goes around, eventually will come around, if you give it enough time.


  2. Last summer I saw an “ap” for something called Pandora on a DTV message that was emailed to me. Thought about it and decided to try it out. I’ve created several “stations” of music that I enjoy and one station of “New Wave” music that both the wife and I like; spa type music, harps, waterfalls and the like.
    My stations are made up of the blues, early ’50’s Jazz piano, various Jazz artists that I’ve recorded over the years, and Doowop. I did this because there are no more “doowop” stations that play that type of music BEFORE the ’60’s. All the stations on DTV are on a “loop” just like most radio stations that one can listen to in the car or house, as you can just about set your watch to a certain tune, say at 2:36 pm EVERYDAY !
    I remember when DTV changed providers for their music, and noticed that the Frank Sinatra hour no longer existed. I called DTV and asked the nice youngster that answered WTF ? Her answer absotootly floored me ! There’s no interest or audience for that music nowadays says she !!! I had to control my temper and mildly asked her: Do you know how many senior citizens that are out there that grew up listening to Sinatra that are STILL ALIVE and kicking? After a few seconds of silence, she answered not really. So, along with your teenaged grandson and a cast of gazillions, hope they maintain that function of downloading their favorite tunes. Sooner or later, they’ll disappear too.

    When I am messing with this, I am usually on Internet Radio, if I am lucky they will play something I like, but true country music is disappearing rapidly. I don’t know what it is they are playing, but it surely does not fill my need for country musak.

    Just this week I read where music now is down to about 46% new stuff. The rest of it is repackaged (already made) and put out as a new album or whatever. Money seems to be the strongest factor in all of this. So what we like or do not like doesn’t seem to enter into it anymore.

    Thanks for your comment which was really good by the way, you should write your own page dude.



  3. SHEESH ! My memory is slipping just a tad DS !!! Forgot to mention WHY I’ve stopped listening to Country music. There’s a country station that comes out of Modesto, CA. Several years ago, I called them and asked why they don’t play any of the “old” guys like Eddy Arnold, Porter Wagner, Buck Owens, Patsy Cline, Marty Robbins, etc. etc. After listening to about 5 minutes of babble from some 20 something year old, the only word I could remember was “demographics” I’m sure that somewhere in that diatribe it was mentioned that the “new age” is upon us or some BS like that.
    There are a number of “country” lovers in my Car Show group, and when we discuss the current “mess” of “stars” nowadays in Country music, the biggest complaint is that most everything now is a “big band” sound with all those needless instruments to drown out those that couldn’t sing a lick if their life depended on it. To me, ‘specially a good deal of the women, sing through their noses making them sound “tinny” or whatever. I say they should appease the masses and throw in more Mel Tillis, Waylon, Johnny, Loretta, Tammy, June, and so many more that the “seniors” of this world would greatly appreciate. Good luck in that happening, huh?


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