C’mon Spring Time

"It looked a lot longer at the store"

“It looked a lot longer at the store”

Strangely while gone, I picked up some creepy readers.  Look at these search terms I found yesterday:  Sex girl, sex girls, girl sex, bengali wife boobs, photos girls, sex c string, girl sex com, transparent c string bikini, girls sexual images, sex, girl.com, sex girl in bikini … my personal favorite of course, was “bengali wife boobs.”  That one rowed my boat.

These are the terms, words, and phrases people use, through various search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing), to find posts and pages on my WordPress.com blog. Please note that these do not include the terms which your readers use within your blog’s Search Widget or any other search form on your blog.  Having not a clue what they are looking for, I can tell them this …

“Aint here.  Someone is gonna be disappointed for sure.”

Back home watching television again, didn’t miss it a bit for the past two weeks.  In case you are wondering?  This is not the Evening news is where they begin with ‘Good Evening,’ and then proceed to tell you why it isn’t.  I’m relieved to see that our supreme commander has reached across the aisle to fight global warming. I’m delighted that he’s worked to increase the minimum wage, reduce the cost of pharmaceutical drugs, improve the infrastructure, and bring accountability to our dysfunctional corrupt political system.

I believe if frogs had wings they would not bump their hinnies when they hopped.

My problem, and let me state for the record that it’s my problem, not his, is simply this: “Whenever I hear the Great One speak I find myself nervously looking around for a train that will take me to Poland.  Observing at least fifty or more flat-bed trucks eastbound on the Interstate loaded with military equipment, did not help matters either.  Which if you are normal, seeing something like this, will send a chill up your spine, or at least, it should.

I look up from my keyboard, and I note that she is staring at me again (my wife).  So I kind of ease into it … “What?  What?” …. she smiles that smile (the weird one, the one I am not all that enamored too) and says:

“Now what is YOUR problem today Skipper?”

How do I explain to her that I believe that El Niño is an international conspiracy perpetrated by evil roofing contractors. That there really isn’t anything new and improved in Dog Food. That I believe it’s high time The Beatles came clean on that whole “Paul is dead” thing.  Why this new breed of trucker does not flash his lites to say thank you.

How do I explain to her that I believe that anyone who can read and speak clearly can be a network news anchor-person — Let’s try Monkeys this week, maybe that will work?

Friedrich Nietzsche conceived “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”:  “Everything goes, everything comes back; eternally rolls the wheel of being.  Everything dies, everything blossoms again.”

C’mon Springtime!



2 thoughts on “C’mon Spring Time

  1. I don’t think we need to worry about a train to Poland. At our age, the death panels will get us soon enough. Just ask Sarah Palin.

    You could possibly be right, a bunch of ding-dongs up there now for sure, both genders. I am really sick of it, and will just leave it there.


  2. I recall a little bit about “death panels” but then again I don’t really pay attention to ANY politician (s). I would think that if the “death panels” don’t get to A LOT of senior citizens, getting kicked off that wonderful Obamacare ’cause the premiums are too high would just about guarantee it for a good deal of ’em.

    Perhaps they got it from television, throwing us all off the island or some other stupid ____. I would not put it past them. Thank you for your comment Joey.


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