Technology is eating our lives.

As anyone who knows me will testify, I am not a big fan of technology (used wrong) gadgets, do-dads and the latest whatever to hit the retail market.  I am old school, make no bones about it, and firmly believe that FakeBook and the Internet are not improving the nature of communication in this country, they are slowly eroding it.  We are placating our children with it, so we don’t have to interact with them, we use it to avoid people instead of reaching out to them, and in general, they just take away from the quality of life and do not add to it.

Spagehtti Girl

Suppertime should be a time of “gathering, sharing, enjoyment instead of annoyance.”  

The last meal I sprung for was over $145 including tip, for the privilege of watching six other people sit around a table and look down at their devices (cell phones) and occasionally make demands of an over worked waitress.  Have no idea where to buy one of these pepper grinders but when I do find one, it will be money well spent to purchase it.

Technology has hijacked family dinnertime. Watch the Pepper Hacker reclaim it. –

Sign me up and drag me into the 21st Century … Kickin’ and Sceaming every mother lovin step of the way.



One thought on “Technology is eating our lives.

  1. Been there ‘n done that too DS ! Met a couple of classmates for lunch at the Black Bear restaurant in Tracy, CA awhile back. While we were sitting there trading lies ‘n BS, noticed two kids that couldn’t of been more then 10 or 12 years old sit down in a booth. Their fingers were going like crazy on those doodads you’ve mentioned. Took a couple minutes to realize they were “texting” their parents who were sitting BEHIND my two classmates asking what they could order from the menu !!!
    Back in December of last year, the wife got rid of Verizon and went with T-Mobile for the cell phone. Only time I ever use that piece of electronics is when I take my ’48 Chevy for a drive or to a car show I’ve paid for. Far as the computer goes? I’ve learned from folks like yourself, and others I’ve met over the years to show me the ropes on how to use other parts of it that I did not know existed. That to me, will be, and IS the extent of what I’ll get involved with in the “gadgetry” that’s available !

    Not long ago, I was sitting watching a man and his son. And the father was teaching the little guy things, he was showing him how to do this and that. Basically he was bonding in a father/son way with the child.

    It in itself, was such a powerful message, and I just enjoyed it to no end, actually seeing a parent relating to his child. Which is seldom observed these days.

    Freely I admit to resisting this electronic media frenzy, this new gadget age. Like my grandmother used to say, “Be ye not the the first to try the latest, nor the last to cast the old aside.” I am old school and will most likely remain that way.



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