Quick Silver … Penny For Your Thoughts

Here you go!  This is for all of you like George Barenbrock who always had their science project turned in on time.  Back in the day, when we were kids, we used to take Mercury and smear it all over a penny, to make it look like a dime. 

Then we would go to the store and attempt to purchase a candy bar with it.  Try doing that today, I bought a candy bar over the weekend, and it was $1.39 plus tax.  My money doesn’t even slow down when it gets to me. 

But I digress, sorry.

Sometimes smearing a penny worked and most often, it did not, but that is the way of kids, “we always figure we are smarter than the adults we are trying to fool, eh?”  At that time, no one told us about the hazards of doing this dangerous practice health wise, and it surely should not be condoned today.

Mercury, which is sometimes called Quick Silver if ingested into the human body will cause certain death.  In small quantities, over time, it slowly will take you out in a painful manner.  It certainly will not do you any good at any level, in the human body. 

We unknowably ingest a small amount of mercury each day.  A great deal of the fish we consume have mercury contamination, because of pollution of the oceans, worldwide on a massive scale. 

Amazon gold miners use it to separate gold, by emptying it into a pan and sloshing it around with the gold flake.  The gold is attracted to the mercury and then later after the “quick silver” is burned off the gold remains in the pan. 

Amazon miners also have a lot of physical health problems because of this unhealthy mining practice.  So there you go boys & girls, the low-down on Quick Silver and its terrible effects on life.

Kind of like love if you take a moment to stop and consider it.  Love is a treasure we all seek in life, something to be protected and sought out at any cost.  But love is also like quicksilver in the hand.  Leave the fingers open and it stays.  Clutch it and it darts away.

Love while it is good, will enrich your life much like gold and silver, but if it is bad.  Well, then it kills the spirit and eventually I suppose you will end up a casualty of its fatal charms.

In case you are wondering? 

I never had my science project in on time, I would just tell ‘em the dog ate my homework and that seemed to cut me some slack.



2 thoughts on “Quick Silver … Penny For Your Thoughts

  1. I am sure that you have heard the phrase “mad as a hatter”? In the old days the hat makers used mercury in making hats and a lot of them went crazy from absorbing it into their systems.

    Never knew that one Ed, that is a first for me. Strange and dangerous practice, the things people will do for money, eh?



  2. I had always heard of the mercury thing and the penny, never got the opportunity to try it however. What we as young kids did with A LOT of pennies were to spread them on the tracks along Huntwood Ave in Hayward, CA. Then after the regular freight trains rumbled on by, we dashed over to the tracks to see what shapes they were in !

    Back in the day when I was still riding the rails, we would see tykes alongside the track doing the same thing. Even saw a Dad show his youngster how to do it one time, I didn’t agree with that.



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