Unplugged In The Heartland


No more bus groups … I believe I am now healed of my wanna-be afflictions.

This week, I voluntarily removed myself from two different bus groups on FakeBook and have decided to go on down the line.  To be happily content, burning huge amounts of hydrocarbons in the fast-lane, with my turn signal blinking a left turn for who knows how long … Or in other words …  YOU BUY YO’ TICKET … YOU TAKE YO’ CHANCES.  You win a few and you lose a few, some of them mothers’ just burn to the ground.

La Vita Loca as some would say.

Here I sit, drinking my cup of Joe, looking at the bus sitting on the drive, loaded up and ready to go.  I should be happy, I am after all, “on the right side of the dirt, I have no regrets for the hand that life has dealt me” but still, I am unsettled, for some unknown reason, I am not a happy camper.

Curiously I cannot figure out what it is that is buggin’ me this morning.  It is as the old tymers’ are fond of saying, “A good day to be above ground.”  I should be elated but I find myself just the opposite. 

Why is it we can never attain that level of comfort or happiness that we all desire in life?  Why is it as Rodney King once said, “Why can’t we all get along?” What is it, that elusive thing, that always remains just a tad bit out of reach for the average guy.  That little thing that sows the seed of discontent in a man’s life.  The early morning sunshine breaks thru the kitchen window but it doesn’t illuminate the source of my frustration. 

Today I just have one thing going for me.  I have balance, I know what it is that I know.  I have been loved, I have been lost, and I have been hurt, but still I have a good idea of what all of this is worth.

 Which is on some days … not much.

My grandmother used to say “Look for the rainbow Donnie” and bless her heart, she is right. Now that I am no longer frittering my time away on some useless bus boards, I can do as the wife suggests.  Get back to work on the house.

this old house

It is not easy, but you can always find a rainbow here and there, and this year, there have been plenty of cloudy days.

I am doing alright.


Photo Credit:  Tao Zero WordPress.com

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2 thoughts on “Unplugged In The Heartland

  1. It’s really to bad ,you put so much work in that beautiful Eagle and not having a forum to share your innovations is sad Don.

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    Might seem that way to some, in my case, I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it. At Pahrump that guy wanted to do a photo shoot of it and make it bus of the month, but I declined. Anthony got miffed about it, but I told the guy “I wasn’t into that sort of thing.” I will show it to anyone who wants to see it Perley, no big thing. There are pages of it on here, photos out the wahzoo, and this webpage is shared in 4 different locations daily and has a strong reader base.

    Good to see you made your way over here, you are free to say anything you wish unlike a few sites that we both visit now and then. Drop by any time, and tell all your friends.

    Have a great weekend!



    • I see the same type of thing at the various car shows that I enter our ’48 Chevy Fleetmaster. Our car is certainly not a “show stopper” for sure, just a “turn key” vehicle that my wife and me went 50-50 on a few years back. However, there ARE $50-$80 thousand PLUS vehicles at these type of shows and believe me, after a gazzillion questions, said owners are just plain worn out.
      I enjoy answering questions from the “old timers” ’cause like me, they grew up riding in this type of car/truck from that year or before. Just to listen to what farm they were on, or city they traveled to with their parents gives me pleasure to no end.
      You’ve got one helluva beautiful machine DS, but I’m with you; stand your ground !

      After attending three or four, we are just about burned out on them. Don’t see any more in our future. Do just fine without the hassles associated with them.


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