What Is Next …

Mississippi State Flag

The above is a screen shot of the State Flag of Mississippi you dumb pricks.  Like it or not Sparky …The Confederate Flag is part of our culture, why not just leave it alone? It is seen as Racist, because all of you ignorant numb-chucks choose to make it so.

Nothing more.

While you are at it, impeach the Governor of South Carolina and every other Willy-Nilly in this country who is currently running around shouting … “The Sky Is Falling …The Sky Is Falling … ”

Today, because I did not win the Lottery, I am going to mow the grass myself, and not pay some poor slob from Honduras less than min. wage to do it for me. I am going to sit back, relax and NOT worry about how many black people were shot yesterday, how many undocumented worthless aliens came across the border to my geographical south, toting their respective bags of evil lucre from drug sales, gang violence perpetrated on the innocent and the weak.  Why I live in what a great number of people describe as the “Richest Country on the Face of the Earth” on a street lined with pot-holes and crumbling infrastructure.

I am not going to worry about the gender of Bruce Jenner’s dog or cat.

I find myself not being able to stand another news flash …  Which cop went down because of an errant bullet, what country we have tried to impose our will on lately, and whose flag is now suspect in our internal meltdown or capitalistic driven global expansion across borders throughout this planet in the name of Democracy.

What is next?

All you people with blue eyes, stand over there, no talking while you wait for the next train to who knows where. Word of caution, “do not drink the free Kool-aide.”

Today I am not going to tune into the “news” which has nothing to say except how many tons of shit people put up their nose, while their babies lie in the crib and want for food. Which girly man kissed another guy in Hollywood or which actress is no longer sporting her bug infested under-wear.  I will pay little attention (or perhaps none), to which current blood-sucking-parasite has thrown his or her hat into the ring to be the next Non-Compliant-Congressional-representative who wants to give me AND the American People the leadership they not only want but apparently deserve.

Please excuse me as I hunt for a fresh plastic WalMart bag to deposit my vomit.

I no longer have time to wonder why we can (supposedly) put a man on the moon, but a kid at McDonald’s cannot make change for anything over a five.


It is not easy for one to sit back and watch a once proud, prosperous, magnificent Democratic Nation implode on itself.  

If this is truly change, I for one, can live without it.

Jus Sayin


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One thought on “What Is Next …

  1. What you’ve written here, well most of it anyhoo, is the main reason we stopped the delivery of our daily rag in our home town DS. We don’t watch or listen to the news anymore ’cause of the inane, one-sided, biased, or whatever other word one wants to use. Trying to watch my favorite “talking head” on ESPN this a.m. I flipped thru the channels during a commercial break only to read those wizened 9 individuals appointed FOR LIFE voted FOR Ovomitcare 6-3 !
    Then, if one watches ANY of the network “news” ? it seems that two or more “candidates” jump on the Republican band wagon so that those interested will be showered with yet MORE rhetoric, useless promises and goals they’ll NEVER reach. Or, like you’ve stated, yet more Negroes in whatever major city have killed each other, again; only MORE illegal Mexicans have crossed our borders, etc. etc. Have often wondered why the “talking heads” on the networks never explain to the public how many illegal Japanese, Chinese, Russians, Pakistanis, Cubans, etc. etc. attach and cross those same borders?
    Here on the “left coast” it’s gonna reach 104-106 degrees today. Gotta have the better half trek on out to the local “push-a-line” station for some ice, ’cause it’s time for the first pitcher of margaritas of the year for us !!!

    I am for the most part, sick of it. Where are people going to realize that there are real threats here, to themselves personally, and to the country. Having found myself in a position of being sick of it once again, I wrote the piece. Thank you Joey for your comment.


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