Jus Saying — 62815

sarcasmODOT which is the Official title of:  Oklahoma Department Of Transportation is now reporting that it is slow cleaning up rock and debris on a closed section of Interstate 35 in Southern Oklahoma because …

Now this is rich … Wait for it.

Because they need permission to dynamite the rock out of the way.  My question is this:  “They ARE the GOVERNMENT AGENCY in charge, who do they need permission from to do their J.O.B.?”  If this isn’t dysfunctional government at work, I will eat my hat.

Something new headed your way at Creative Endeavors, The Big Kahuna, watch for it.

My fingers, roughly the size of a #3 washtub will no longer work on my “smart phone” (yeah that is a hoot!).  As it was difficult at best to operate this man-made marvel of technology, I bought several stylist pens from Dollar Stores.  Now the phone, has edumaycated itself to recognize the stylist pens and ignore my fingers!  Cellphones make it easy and convenient to communicate with everyone, except the person you are currently with.

Hey Nikon … Is a camera, really a camera when you purchase it?  Recently I purchased what I thought was a camera, but it turns out, that if I did not cough up an additional $40 the damn thing was nothing more than a boat anchor (needed the chip in order to function).  You would think it would be in good working order at time of purchase … Not so.

Clean air is like sex, it aint important until you realize you are not getting any. Last week a hurricane  named Bob, roared thru and gave me copious amounts of rain and a good blow job.  Does this make me a weather related bi-sexual?  Do you know if they are still selling the flags? Just remember, “Hot air rises, and cool air goes anywhere it wants ta baby!”

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