The New Mouse Trap

rat cartoonMy Daddy used to say “Build a better Mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.”  Funny the things you remember from your childhood.

Currently I am trying to learn the nuisances of a Nikon camera I bought this week, and most likely because it is loaded with “features” I will never excel in photographic endeavors ever again. My old camera (Sony) suddenly stopped working, I took it to the experts, they said it had been dropped, it was kaput.  I then laid out $400 for a new Nikon.  Tonight, out of  boredom or whatever, I raised the Sony off the table about 3 inches and dropped it.  Guess what?  IT IS WORKING AGAIN.  

Which proves me right again, all the world truly needs is a bigger hammer. 

You ever stop to consider how much of your current technology you are using.  Take me for instance, I have all of this data resource available to me, computers, cellphones, GPS and all the trappings of modern day life.  

Internet is down

But here is the rub, I would venture to point out that I only use about 25-30% of what is available to me at any given time (Technology).  I am by no means “cruising down the information highway of life” … I am instead, most of the time, stuck on the on ramp. Old School, and loving every moment of it.


We have all of this technology surrounding us and unlike the younger generation (who grew up with it) most of us do not put it to good use.  I just barely know how to send a text message, have photo’s locked down in my phone, I have not seen in two years (don’t know where they are to tell you the truth). 

Most of the time, have to ask my grandson “how do you fix this ________ ?” and he smiles, replies, “here Grandpa, it is simple.”  

You see, I am a Fortunate Pilgrim, I have my very own, personal, knowledgeable micro-soft pusher in the form of Josh, who is just fourteen.  Another bonus, he being so young and all, I will have access to him for many years, and I can legally compensate him at below minimum wage.  My personal in-house TechnoGeek who doesn’t like Starbucks Coffee … Eat your heart out!

cellphone titties

Technology, isn’t it great.

Kyle, a friend of mine, was in Hawaii on vacation, leaned a little too far over the railing and lost his cellphone.  Deep sixed into the Pacific to never ring again.  He was of course, sad to lose all of his data (connections, numbers, emails, texts) and he told me all about it.  Back in the states, we find him at the cellphone store, laying out the bucks for a new Asian built communicator to hang off his belt-line. 

A few weeks later, I asked him about his “new phone” and he was happy as a lark.  He said, “Oh yeah, I got all my numbers back, seems there is this thing called “The Cloud” and some smart geek at the phone store, found all of ‘em for me.”   About that time I told him “don’t get too close to those people at the Apple store.”  He said “Why?”  Then I told my friend Kyle, “how they are not gender specific, and get up close, sniff you, and steal your essence.” 

That ought to keep him busy for awhile.

Remember when CD’s first came on the scene?  We were promised “hours upon hours of listening pleasure” on ONE DISK.  Uh huh, sure.  They told us that we would get all of the Beatles on disc, all of their lyric’s and it was even possible, life histories.  But business soon discovered “no profit in that” so we now have several CD’s for one group instead. 

Under-utilization of the technology, pure and simple.

About as close as we will come to something radical would be a CD entitled “Lawrence Welk Remembers Woodstock” or something like that.  Now THAT would be worth coughing up sixteen bucks for … Put me on the list. 

I already have the one with Neil Diamond where he sings,

I am, I said, to no one there, no one heard it at all, not even the chair.

the chair

Musak kind of gets to ya, don’t it?