Jus Saying — 7515


    They do not have a clue, and they multiply.  You will be one of their victims, it will be quick, swift, almost painless.  You might not even see it coming.

This has been camera month around here. 

Yesterday I purchased a Nikon for my grand-daughter, she is 12 years old.  The first thing, THE VERY FIRST THING, this girl does with the camera is start figuring out how to take her own Selfie.

This generation is lost as a goose, and they have no idea, not even a clue, as to the meaning of life.  Plus they will multiply in the years to come.  All those selfies will hook up to form a HUGE GROUPIE, who will walk over humanity and gorge themselves on the slain Mojo chicken that was sacrificed that morning just before the Regis & Kathy Lee show … Right after those screaming bitches who sat around a table insulting each other, finally figured out in just under fifty-five minutes that Donald is not wearing a toupee, but rather, the pathetic victim of a bad combover. 

And you, sitting at home in your pink duster, covered with potato salad stains, orange Cheeto’s fingerprints, with your calico cat in your lap, will just have to pray for mercy …  But it will not come, all because you could not remember the zip code for Creflo Dollar and Jim Bakker just made parole, and you were late on sending in your seed money …

And now, just now, the local news reports that ragweed and grass pollen has increased dramatically here in the Heart-Land … So most likely … No Bus Meet in Missouri either (I understand they were shooting for ten this time). 

All this because YOU went and bought YOUR grand-daughter a new Nikon.

Feel better?



Disclaimer:  All the news that is fit to print or causes fits in print is right here. If this isn’t good enough, well, I don’t know what to tell ya. It aint much but it does beat watching a fly die on a blanket at the 4th of July picnic at City Park. Short And Sweet … One more blast at the end of the week.

One thought on “Jus Saying — 7515

  1. I heard Donald Trump’s campaign slogan is, “We shall overcomb.”

    I say give the guy a shot, he cannot do any worse than these politicians, paid, professional non compliant peckerheads.


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