Some More Word-Sand, From The Smith Kid …

old-manThe meaning of life comes through understanding your own nature and learning to accept all aspects of yourself.  The other day I was asked:  “Where do you get it?  How is it that you can come up with this stuff every day?”  Giving it some thought, all I could come up with was what Plato had to say on it.  “The quiet mind is our best tool for introspection.  A life unexamined is not a meaningful life.”

Watched a man build a boat in his backyard, as I grew up.  He started it when I was a mere lad, and I was going into the service when he finished.  It was a cabin cruiser, Chris Craft prototype, nice, took him almost fourteen years to do it.  When he had it finished, he discovered it was 13” too wide to pull thru the houses to the street.  Had to hire a HUGE crane to lift it over his house.  Took it down to the Marina, launched it into the Bay.  First time it ever had salt or fresh water beneath its keel.

That year, a horrendous storm came thru, the cruiser broke its moorings, and floated on the bay some three weeks before they discovered it wrecked on a sand bar some sixty-miles away.

Read where a guy worked tirelessly for 12 years to refurbish and build out a bus.  Drove it some 800 miles to a campground on the ocean, sat there a week or two, at $125 per day and then drove it home and sold it.

Because of pollution of a massive scale going on around the planet, there is going to come a time, when it all shuts down.  The light of the Sun, will diminish until it is the equivalent of  Forty-Watt Bulb on the back-wall of Grandma’s refrigerator.

The only people with any kind of advantage or definite chance of survival, will be those who have developed squinting skills that most never even remotely considered.  I plan on being in the top 10% and doing what it is that I do best. 

Whatever that might be?

“Where do you get it?  How is it that you can come up with this stuff every day?”  The short version would go something along these lines:  “Some men build Coffee Tables in their garage, climb mountains to reach for the sky … I do this.   Just one more member of the Tribe of Man, a proud species who walks upright with opposing thumbs.  Who always come up just a little bit short of the mark or the goal which is usually in clear sight.  It don’t pay a lot, but it keeps me outta the Juke Joints, and occasionally it even makes me a new friend or two along the way.  That is why I do it.”

Now get up off your dead-hinny, get out there, and build your own boat.



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