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Another Peregrine Comment From The Prairie … The Happy Ending.

Awhile back, the cops and all their associated little meanies, decided the Korean girls down the road a ways were a threat to society.  They rushed in, swooping down off the prairie unannounced, scaring the be-Jesus out of everyone in the place and carted them off to jail.

Big news, out here in the middle of the corn rows, haystacks and cattle browsing the occasional blade of grass on the other side of the wire.  Watched all the so-called news footage on it, listened intently to the rhetoric, watch the sheriff puff up and shine on for the cameras.  But I have to be honest about it.

I never could for the life of me, see the crime. 

These gals were mainly in the business of massaging people, a little of that pin sticking stuff, and for the most part, non-violent.  She would say, “You like massage today?” and I would reply, “Yes.  That would be just fine.”  Then almost religiously she would offer, “You want happy ending?  Only twenty dollah more.”

Never took advantage of it, had the money and all, but just took the massage and that was it. 

But to this day, I just don’t see the harm.

Suppose I will have to go back to that old wrinkled up white guy in Yukon.  He does good work, but it just aint the same.



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