Well, Excuuuuuuuuuuse Me!


 You are a euphoric type. You touch others with your humor, laughter and love. You radiate bliss and that is highly contagious. Your vitality flows through you and all who are lucky enough to know you. When one thinks of you, they automatically have to smile.  Why?”

Yesterday I got a call from THE UNITED STATES GOVT.
what a shock that turned out to be.
I had figured they had but completely disappeared from the scene years ago.
When did it change from “We the people” to “screw the people?”

And from the British battleships
a fierce cannonade did boom,
it continued from six in the morning till two o’clock in the afternoon
And by the 28th of July the guns of Fort Saraceni were destroyed
and all the French and Spaniards were greatly annoyed.
(grifted from worse book of poems ever written)

Today, and today ONLY, you can purchase these items at 50% off,
50% off of WHAT would be the next question I suppose.


If Jenner,
who used to be a winner,
can turn into a woman loser
then I should be able to cross-breed a goat with a politician and get a weed-eater that doesn’t work.

I believe she desperately wants to please me,
and I the same,
but we never seem to peak to the same point at the same time.
(think about it, it will come to you) 

I also believe that the female is the most frustrated of the two sexes.
I believe that loving a woman, is fun,
that she is a wonderful thing.


I believe that a soft kiss on the neck and the words “You are so beautiful”
are better than grabbin’ the cheeks of her rear or brushing a hand across her breast.
I believe in the early morning hours, lying beside her, that her scent is nothing short of next to heaven for the senses.

This I do not understand,

Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands
in general, most of the rest of the world,
do not have large Armies,
fleets of aircraft carriers,
Congressional merchants of pain, purveyors of death,
nor do they go around saying “eat our chocolate, eat our cheese we are the ONLY way” and they seem to be doing all right.

All of a sudden, the treehouse in Belize and eating bananas is looking better and better.

Jus Sayin


Disclaimer:  Events portrayed in this post may or may not have occurred in the manner presented and are for entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as the truth in any way, shape, form or manner.  Any resemblance to anyone owning, driving, or selling a bus or full timing or traveling in a Schoolie is purely co-incidental and should not be taken as factual information or data.