That Perfect Shot …

Overcast and cloudy today, kind of a sad muggy day in Oklahoma.  Don’t feel like writing, surely do not feel amused or funny, so I am going to take a pass on the daily post.

The last half of my 60+ years of life have been spent listening to the memories of the first 30 as depicted in songs.   I hold the music of the 50’s and 60’s in very high esteem …  this week I came across a picture of a young girl, she is a loving, kind, sweet sort of lady, kind heart and generous … Someone we should all know.

Lori Brock

Her name is Lori, and as I stared at the image I thought to myself “I know the perfect song for that picture.”  So I will leave you this day with that, “the perfect shot” and the well worn tune from the sixties to go along with it.

Are You Going To San Francisco

Have a great week



One thought on “That Perfect Shot …

  1. I think each generation holds their music of the time with great esteem. I am a tad younger than you, so I listened to the music of the 60’s and 70’s, and I wore a dress very similar to Haley’s brown dress when I was seventeen. I am still drawn to a “hippie” style, and I still revere the songs of my youth. It is good to reflect on those days, Sometimes we meet a young person who reflects the innocence of those times of long ago… and we remember. :)

    Thank you for saying this photo is “the perfect shot”. Every once in a while I get lucky and make a winner photo! ~ Lori

    The whole world is younger than me, I am older than dirt, and hate everyone in a Coke commercial with a passion. Glad you liked the piece, you are okay.


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