Ahead Of The Game …

Quiet Please

Most folks I believe, start out with the best of intentions, but somewhere along the way, something goes a little haywire and it all starts to unravel.  This is the point, where if you are the least bit talented in feeling out the peculiar things of life, you will quickly realize that … People who “tell it like it is” …. usually tell it like A**Holes.

I believe money is the biggest problem in a marriage,
is not what goes on in the bedroom,
late at night,
when all the shades are down and the dim light reveals the true beauty of the bride.

In the dim glow of the fireside,
your face buried in her thighs.
I believe in the garden of Eden,
and she lives in Arizona.
I believe a small well clipped bush is better than a shaved mound. 

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I didn’t want an answer to my email the other day anyway
no really,
it wasn’t all that important,
just trying to blend in,
y’know go with the flow,

Customer:  “Uh, okay, now what does this 512MB of RAM mean on this computer?”
Salesman:  “Um, RAM is what slows down your PC, see it rams into your processing power,
causing slowdowns.  That is why it is called RAM.”
Customer:  “Are you sure about that.”
Salesman:  “Say … Who is the expert here?”

Can I have your current address and phone for these batteries?

I believe that I will quit, while I can consider myself “ahead of the game.”
And finally … I believe that is enough for today.

What you believe in depends on you.



2 thoughts on “Ahead Of The Game …

  1. I am afraid I am one of those people who “tells it like it is”, and I can vouch that it doesn’t win me a lot of friends. It’s still raining here this morning… it’s going to be a sweltering devil out there this afternoon. Keep cool, my friend.

    As I age and mellow out, I find it much better to just sit there and roll my eyes.


  2. I’m also a person that “tells it like it is” too, although for years now only when I”M ASKED ! Like Littlesundog states, in the past it may have cost me friends, influence, etc. but at the time I certainly did not care !

    I’m not one to discuss politics or religion, but if asked I can get into one helluva War ‘ Peace novel type discussion. A small snippet of this would be the current crop of “policrookedticians” on the market today. None of ’em inspire me at all, and it’s refreshing to see/hear The Donald “tell it like it is” ’cause it’s got people talking again about the subject matters that mean something to them. The others? The dreaded PC bug has ’em quaking in their boots, and it will be interesting to see what happens in this so-called debate that FOX News is putting on this coming Thursday !

    Nine times out of ten, if someone says I hope you don’t mind me saying this, you are going to mind. Thanks for your comment Joey.


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