A Much Different World

The guy in front of me orders, and then when finished looks at me, and flatly states to the girl, his name is Stepping out on the proverbial limb I would venture to say that “the only thing permanent thing in this world, is change” and sadly you have no choice about it.  Pardon my French but that kind of sucks.


on the porchAs I remember things, we always had a choice in the matter.  Things in general used to be more cut and dried in my world, black n white, yes and no, we could make a choice and we did not have to do it right now.

We had time to consider our choices in life, we had the opportunity to separate the wheat from the chaff.  We had endless decisions. makes or models, variety, more than just one or two.

We could freely choose our path make our own decisions.    

Unless you were dealing with your Mother that is.  Free Choice does not exist in the world of a mother and in my case, it never happened.  I don’t know how many times in my now begotten youth I heard the expression, “You don’t have a choice in the matter Sonny, I am your mother, and YOU WILL DO THIS.  Eat those vegetables or you will go to bed hungry … No desert for you.  If you do not cut your little sister down right now Mister, I will bust your A**!”  

Ah, kind of brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?

Choices.  But these days, it seems that we have very little control or choice in the simple tasks of day to day living.  We are forced to subscribe to TV services, phone packages, and computer routing and they want to “bundle us” and shove it down our throat.

Much like Dancin With The Stars …  I tire of it.

Recently my telephone server, Verizon, arbitrarily changed my voice mail.  Now I am forced to listen to some automated computer generated broad tell me the telephone number of the people that called, when they called, the date of the call and all this other garbage.


Most of it redundant information that is clearly displayed on the phone itself.  Her voice irritates me, and I want my old voice mail back.  Nope not gonna happen, that dog aint gonna hunt as my friend Billy Ray Littler would say.  It is now my unfortunate lot in life to submit to this.  I have to continue to pay them to abuse me.

Which is something I did not choose when I took out the contract.

The thing that irks me about it, is that they didn’t ask me, they did not give me a choice.  They just told me to reset everything (an everything that was working just fine for me at the time) and go about my business.

WordPress changed their format, and I have to deal with this each time I come on here.  The Auto Companies are no longer building it for you.  Instead, you have to pick from several packages in order to get your car or truck.

Stepping out on the proverbial limb I would venture to say that “the only thing permanent thing in this world, is change” and sadly you have no choice about it.

Pardon my French but that kind of sucks.


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2 thoughts on “A Much Different World

  1. Go to My Sites, then WP Admin, then Posts or whatever tab you wish to change or add to (a post). It will take you back to the old format, which I find much easier than the new. I am still old school too and prefer to post from my desktop and not my iPhone or iPad.
    Forrest is techy, so I rely on him to transition me with electronics changes. I do not like what is happening in our world, and I have pretty much retreated from participating in what I feel is the demise of our young people. A friend who works at a daycare told me a while back that two- and three-year old’s were calling the teachers Mutha F’s and F’ing bitches. I’m trying to brace myself for my elderly years. And maybe I’ll get lucky and never have to live through it. Ha ha!

    I finally threw in the towel and settled for this “new one” and decided to get on with what it is that I am doing and stop messing with it. Appreciate your input tho, and I am holding onto the old stuff and the new stuff, well …. Y’know. I cannot believe some of what I am hearing lately from young people and the current mood of the country disturbs me greatly. Thank you for your reply, it is always good to hear from you.


  2. I’m replying to the “bundling” comments here, in that the wife a I have decided to “pull the plug” on Direct TV at the end of December this year. Have gone to the local Radio Shack as advised by my two sons, and purchase two antennae; one for the front room TV and the master bedroom. The Radio Shack manager was very helpful in that his TV in the store was set-up with said antennae and I could not believe how sharp the picture was with all the “local” channels that we’ll receive ! Only thing I’ll miss will be the ESPN channels, and sadly, the wife will only be able to view 1/3 rd of her beloved Giants baseball games !
    Will still have to endure the ATT bill for phone/internet charges, but have not yet found anything else cheaper.


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