Out Of Scrilla

2196254-crybabywithsadfaceThis morning I feel like I need to come up with a way to generate some cash.  You see when I was young, I partied a lot, I spent foolishly, I made and spent huge sums of money with complete abandon.  Fur lined house slippers, electric dog polishers, cars, trucks, motorcycles … Oh well, you get the picture right?  

Now in what they call “The Golden Years” I need even more scrilla or cash.


Just checked my bank account, it is somewhat depleted and short again.  I have too much month for my money.  Most of the blame for my shortfall lies with me, but some of it, has been brought upon all of us, by inflation.  Not being totally sure where inflation comes from, I will not elaborate on it at length. 

Times changed, the price of items changed, and now I need some more money to do the things I want and need to do.  The five cent candy bar died a long time ago.  Starbucks is raising the price of our daily caffeine driven fix.  Black Friday is just around the corner.

Can you sense the urgency of this situation?

At one point I tried to cope with it as best as a Dumb Okie can.  We all have our mechanisms that we try in order to deal with problems of modern day living.  It is now apparent that wearing a hat fabricated out of aluminum foil will not work, you will be virtually defenseless.  There is no cure for inflation except printing more money, something that they are really good at in Washington D.C., but unfortunately for the rest of us, this is not legal.  Seven Eleven doesn’t carry a lot of cash and a Brink’s truck is hard to get into.  I am at a loss as to where to get what it is that I need.

So that is the story today, out of cash, no money honey, and as usual, more bad news. 

That might be the ticket right there, print a bad news paper.  As the majority of our citizens are addicted to “Bad News” I figure when it is all gone, they are going to miss it.  I can hear you snickering, but stop and consider this. 

All of the political candidates in the last election promised all of us that Good Times were coming.  If this is so, then bad news, much like Leave It To Beaver, Green Acres and Gun-Smoke will bite the dust.

So at that time I will start up a new information-news-program or paper entitled “The Bad News Xpress.”  Figuring the majority of you will miss this type of news, I will give you a daily dose of it (the entire issue devoted to nothing but bad news) and fill the need.

Preparations are now under way to lease out a space in an abandoned salt mine west of Kansas City.  Where I will set up an office, some 350 feet deep underground to publish and circulate this new era of the publishing world. 

You too, can be part of it. 

Send in your subscription right now, don’t get left out, be the first on your block, to get the word out.  Please have your credit card handy (it’s the little 3-digit number on the back in case you have forgotten).

Our operators are standing by.


Life …  Share it with someone you love.


3 thoughts on “Out Of Scrilla

  1. Oakie – How about a Hotel Room Delivery Service? They call you up and order a hotel room, you drive the bus to the location and drop it off for the night and then pick it up when they are done? Think of the Scrilla people would pay to get the in-laws visiting off the couch and out into the driveway…. Or maybe an in-law removal service…. hmmm…. I think I am on to something here….

    I am in the unique situation of having a mother in law that is 18,000 miles away. I have heard of some people taking old buses and making motel rooms for over-nighters in Missouri. Spend the night in a bus! None of the upkeep, maint., expense it has to be a winner!


  2. Sounds like a good idea. There will be no shortage of bad news in the near future.

    It kind of looks that way huh? I have not a clue where it is heading, but I am surely uncomfortable with a great deal of it.

    Thanks for your comment.


  3. Regarding the future of “bad news” coming, gotta think that there’s a whole lot of people in the US of A that did in fact vote. In doing so, methinks that they (and yours truly) actually think that a “true” hope ‘n change is on the horizon. After these past 8 years, one has to think that those same folks would who voted for The Donald will wait ‘n see what happens to our country after his firs 100 days?
    On another note, glad to see that you’ve taken another shot with BoxcarOkie Don ! As before you’d shut it down for reasons that you’d shared in private emails, I’ll check in once in awhile to see/read your words of wit and view comments from others too !

    Great! Comments is what it is all about. Sure head counts are what most people are looking for, but when the readers participate, it makes it much more enjoyable. I did however, have one time when I had to shut it down, give it a time out, because comments were raging and it wasn’t nice.


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