Satan The Destroyer

The Devil made me do it.  Believe it was Flip Wilson who coined the term first.  Satan wanted to destroy the world, so he gave the world drugs.  Shortly thereafter he realized that not all the people in the world were going to do drugs, only the weak, the ineffective, the true losers in life.  The proverbial Monkey Wrench enters the picture, the snag in the master plan has been discovered.   He had to come up with something else.



Satan the Angel of Darkness has a problem.  Clearly his plans to dominate and destroy the races of the world, were not working.  So he invented or had someone in his control, bring to us, the Internet and personal home computers.

Free games, X-rated video’s, chat rooms, dating sites for predators, uncensored porn, good Kentucky Sippin Whiskey.  Satan is covering all the bases, soon it will be lights out for this world not of his creation.  Soon, it will be his turn to shine in the spotlight of fame. 

Slowly as time marches on, Fakebook, Linkendin, Twitter, and all these other so-called media sites on the web erode and undermine our collective will as they were added to the mix.  Political Correctness (PC) came on the scene and the world went nuts! 

This concentrated and well focused plan was effectively taking out a lot of soldiers of life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.  The body count increased each and every day with alarming certainty. 

But still it was not enough.

Once again, Satan called in all of his unhappiness engineers and said to them, “Give me something that will hinder progress, waste time, which will alienate people, pull people apart and fractionalize society or the family.   

They diligently went to work post haste and the cellphone came on the scene.

Knowing full well that his minion’s had once again pulled it off, Satan was happy.  After all, aren’t these the same engineers who developed the Weed Eater and Same-Sex marriages?  He never doubted for a New York Minute that they would fail to develop what it was that he needed.

Sated and feeling circumspect, he then moved off to his favorite spot in his den of inequity and sought out his most comfortable chair.  Reaching down he picked up the television remote and started going thru the channels.

Click …  Floods and famine in Bangladesh. 

This is good.

Click … War in the Middle East, brother against brother.

Good he thought.

Click … ISIS car bomb in Paris.

Satan smiles, his best creation so far, another good job.

Click …  Homeless and war in the Congo.

Nice he thinks to himself

Click …  The Dr. Phil show …

Click! Click! Click!

Click ….  Ten point earthquake in Chile, thousands lost.

One more click and the announcer comes on the screen and he blurts out:  “These are states in Red and these are the states in Blue.  The U.S. Election is now officially over and tucked into the History Books of time.  Our panel of talking-heads will now explain to you just what happened exactly.  Stay tuned.”

Satan is not happy … Under his breath he lets out a somewhat muffled growl.  He looks down at his unhappiness engineers who have once again gathered around to worship him. 

He sighs … and remarks … “Guess you cannot win them all boys?”


You can be a happy person … but still not have a happy life.

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2 thoughts on “Satan The Destroyer

  1. Keep up the Good work My Friend !!

    Like and old dog, I am chewing away on the bone. They have changed a lot of things in my absence and I am back in the learning curve mode again. It makes it more difficult, learning the new stuff AND writing the posts, taking up a lot of my time.


  2. I have noted from fellow bloggers there are glitches in the system. I’ve had a few problems with it myself. Lately, when I click on someones blog post, it says I have successfully unsubscribed – when I have not. It just did that now with your blog. So I’ve reported this each time it’s come up. Most of the time I just go back to the old way of writing a blog post. I get frustrated at the learning curve taking up too much of my precious time. Glad to see you are back though. :)

    Reporting of a problem, although highly recommended in most cases, does not necessarily mean, the problem will be fixed or even attended to. Especially here, on WordPress.

    I was over in the forums section two or three days ago, and posted a question for the so-called “Happiness Engineers” and so far, no response. The help section at WP is nothing short of lame, and most of the time, useless.(

    They have come on the screen and asked “IF THEY COULD HELP WITH SOMETHING” and from that point on, it is twenty questions, and NO REAL HELP. My last post had the body of the post (most of it) in all cap’s, which was put in there by something, I did not do it. I work them up somewhere else and then do a cut/paste in WordPress. For some reason, it took it on its own to do its customization thing or whatever they are calling it this week.

    In my search for the Holy Grail of desktop publishing I have been trying on several different themes, and this has just about driven me up the wall. I often wonder why it is that I came back to this to begin with, if you want to know the truth.

    Learning all of this WordPress stuff, a new phone, my apparent reluctance to accept my present station in life, has worn me down to a mere speck of what I used to be … I am Dr. Phil board certified now for sure.


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