Don’t ask me why.


Here we go, get ready, another dose of Early Morning Magic.  Well, it isn’t really magic, just another day, as a matter of fact, “I do this all the time.” 

It has been reputed by some that I cannot live without it, but that is not true.  Things I cannot live without are:  flushing toilets, showers, fresh vegetables, halter tops, Asian-girl-on-girl porn, mediocre bus meets in Pahrump Nevada, and this.  Well this is five or six on the short list of what I cannot live without.

The guy in front of me orders, and then when finished looks at me, and flatly states to the girl, his name is "The Mouth From The South.” Now I did not actually know this person, and found this to be offensive. Instead of nailing him, I took it in stride, and proceeded to ignore him the rest of the evening. It seems to me that people are too quick with the name calling these days.

I am back!  

Well, some of I is.

The new year has started out kind of shaky for me.  I am not running full-bore, and slow to crank up to speed.  For some reason, I seem to find myself more creative in two areas of my life. 

Being sick, half-tranked up, sleeping up to 19 hours per day here lately, because of a very stubborn infection, well, that just adds to it.  Two areas of my life seem to be in place, albeit somewhat lethargic in nature. 

Creative Area #1 would be in the early morning, lying in bed, “working a story over and over in my mind.”  I often have vivid dreams and amazing stories that very well could be formed from them, but seldom do I manage to remember them later on. 

Creative Area #2 would be the time I am in the shower, where often, believe it or not, my best ideas actually spring to life.  Unless I can find some kind of clipboard and pen that is waterproof I am afraid no new earth shaking improvements are on my slate for the New Year. 


The really sad part of all of this, is most of the time, I fail to make note of these stories or notions, and they are lost.  I should figure a way to catalogue them for use later on.  Lately I have found myself carrying a compact pocket recorder and barking my notes, ideas, things to do in it. 

This seems to do one of two things:

#1  It helps me to remember this info for later on.

#2  It irritates all those misfortunates that are sitting next to me at the beanery or at the local cinema.  Let’s face it, not being creative in nature, they do not understand the concept.  In other words … They are not all that hopped up about my ideas and or notes.


I am sooooo damn sick and I have a cold too!

So I have been sleeping a great deal, which as I understand it, “this would be one of those good things – bad things in life.”  Too much sleep is NOT GOOD for one according to the A.M.A. and NOT EHOUGH SLEEP is bad for you too.  Both will lead to a number of health problems and eventually a “Dirt Nap” in some quiet spot of the CEMETERY.

So having none of this on my things to accomplish in 2017 or How to Live Forever (or until at least June on my Fakebook planner) I have decided to go back to this and television.  Which means EVEN MORE Ryan Seacrest and mind-numbing Commercial Television which often turns my mind to something vaguely resembling Oatmeal. 


Reality Shows and sitcoms top the list.  Especially those NimRod judges on the Miss Universe Pageant.  This judging crap by people of dubious judging abilities, has these contests totally out of hand. 

Take in case, the plight of Miss Columbia in the Miss Universe Pageant.  She was told to stop wearing tiny skirts with nothing on underneath, because of what audiences and photographers were seeing.  I mean, “it is a beauty contest” and beauty is always in the eye of the beholder as I understand it, aint that right? 

Just like this bogus garbage on Victoria’s Secret special they run on CBS every year, “the sexiest night on television.”  Uh huh sure, why don’t they show the models walking away from the camera?

You see, this all part of the magic. 

The reflective creative mind sees the possibilities in life and searches for new meaning and ways to do things … Listen, if the girls want to go “Commando” then I say let it happen.

Now excuse me, I have to find something (paper, stone tablet, hot breath on a bathroom mirror) to write some of this down.  It is apparent there “has to be” a story in here somewhere.  I sure hope so, because it is all that I have today, and frankly, tomorrow aint looking all that much better either.

Have a great weekend!



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