Just Type Amen

If you agree just type in “go away you ignorant prick and find a life.”  Where are these Internet Ninny’s finding all this crap?  Look at this picture posted below and tell me if you see Merell Streep.

                                        Thought so.


We had a new car, we named it Brad, it got rear-ended, so we had to change it’s name to “Bruce.”  We can help you with your addiction, addiction is a DISEASE and I am a Monkey’s Uncle.  Speaking of Primates … It is colder than eight brass Monkey’s from the ancient sacred crypts of Egypt.  If you believe this then type in … You are a dumb-ass.

Best Joke Of 2016

A man takes his Grandfather clock to a repair shop.  He comes back several weeks later to pick it up.  Grabbing it in a bear hug, he takes it out the front door of the shop, and hits a drunk walking down the sidewalk and knocks him down.

He looks at the poor drunk, and inquires, “A you alright?”  And the drunk looks up and says back to him …….  “Jeeze buddy, why don’t you get a regular watch like everyone else?

If you believe this, turn it over and type Lawerence Welk and then rip it up and play it backwards on your stereo.

What did you see?


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Windmill shot compliments of Mike Robinson, Tauo Zero on WordPress.