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Bus related stories and or misc material.  Brief summary and clicking on […] will take you to the main body of the story or article.  Comment section is open at the end of each.  Please feel free to leave a thought or a note if you so desire.

If I Were My Bus:  Short piece on bus ownership and age. […]

Wow … Wow … Oh Wow!  Mark Renners Silverside, Ghosts of Highway 61 Tour, bus ownership and some photo’s.  How we take our buses’s for granted and the people we show them to, their reactions. […]

I’ll Drink To That  A close look at the bus club animal, bus meets, illegal whiskey and very bad press from Craigslist, it can all be found here.  [ …]

Off The Wagon  Tuesday, being a slow day and all, I went over to the internet bus boards and took a little look around to see what was going on.  I just had an urge or a compulsion to see some poorly written missives, bad spelling, idiotic ideas and general BS.  Kind of disappointed in myself, I almost made thirty whole days without any of it. Now there is one wrinkle here I found interesting.  One or two of the main complaints being posted on the boards was “the lack of interest or how boring they had gotten and the fact that no one was posting.”  […]

Droppin Out  Today I am reading the bus board and a guy who has a bus just like mine, that has had him stranded for four or five days because it will not start says …. “I am going to lie underneath it and let it speak to me.” And I suppose that is my cue to exit this kind of non-sense.  So in 2013 I am giving up bus boards and will no longer waste my time adding to them or reading them.  […]

Un-Yielding Stupidity  Yesterday I almost wrecked our bus.  We were northbound on the interstate, in Southern Oklahoma.  Up to this point our trip had been what most would consider a letter perfect trip, no problems, everything working as it is supposed to work (often a rare occurrence in the bus world).  Traffic was heavy in most cases and in Okie City it got choked up for some reason? (too many people) […] 

Three Amigo’s Bus Porn  A nice selection of coaches at a meet in OKC Sept 2012.

Notes From The Road  So here I sit, 7.5 miles south of Travis City, Michigan, in my old tired, worn out motor-kamper, writing stories about doomed cities of the future and it occurred to me … No wait, that aint right.  What was I thinking?  That my friends, is a fabrication, sometimes sprinkling a little lie here and there improves the story.  I call it embellishing in order to clarify. […]

Sweet Dreams  It is always nice to get out on the road.  Different sights, new places, strange new smells, and most of all, rest.  Sweet rest.  The bed in the bus sleeps well, it is a good bed and I do not separate from it each day because it is not warm, or it is uncomfortable, or any other negative reason.  I get up and leave it, because I know it is just too heavy to carry on my back all day long.  So, at some point, I get up and I get dressed and I leave it there. […]

Houston Mixer   Dry parked in Boom Town Texas (Houston America) .  Houston, the 4th largest city in the U.S.A. and is doing well these days … Wish you were here.  A quick note or two. […]

Northbound Camper  The guy ahead of me is running slow, I need to get over in order to pass, checking the mirror I see a big green Pete coming up, a bull hauler.  I flip on my turn signal, indicating my intention to come on out into what they refer to as the “smart aleck lane” and then I see the puff of black smoke come out of his stacks.
Smoke means acceleration and increased speed or dirty injectors, either way, it is not gonna be good for me.  He has put his foot in it, and is now rapidly closing the gap, effectively shutting down any intentions I had to pass this automobile in front of me slowing me down.  I curse under my breath, back out of the throttle, and wait on him to get by.  […]

Will Work For Chrome  As a friend of mine said, “that is what retirement is all about.  Doing what you want to do.  You want to make a road trip, go for it.“  So ……. We are checking out for some R&R this week, making a run deep into the Heart of Texas.  I am going to hammer down, head south, stick my butt in the sand, and my toes in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  As always … I will be on a mission of self-awareness or redemption.  You know, like when you are in the basement of some church on your knee’s, crying and telling all of your rancid secrets to complete strangers, one of those kind of deals.  A cleansing of the spirit is what we are talking about here. […]

The Back Haul  Life on the road, sights, sounds and comments on a Road Trip. […]

Bus Board Ramblings:  Of course, my lack of theme might be exactly what I’m looking for.  Maybe I will just blow this off and go read the bus boards?  They are always good for a lift on a somewhat lack-luster Oklahoma day. [… ] 

The Little Things:  The bus sat in the shop this past weekend, I had wanted to take it out and run it awhile, but that did not happen.  Not long ago, one of our heaters had stopped working, so we (we being me) took it apart and did some maint. on it and got it back in running order.  The on/off switch on the thermostat is kind of tricky, that is to say, it is hard to ascertain whether it is on or off on just about any given day.  At that point, I turned it off (or at least thought I had turned it off) and went about my business.  This was about sixty days ago, the last time we used it.  Working on what breaks, the joy of bus ownership [ ]

Show Of Hands:  When I sign up for a two year subscription to a magazine, I want the magazine, I don’t want empty promises or excuses or reasons why I should be thankful and life is so wonderful, other non-related tripe.  I want what it is that I paid for … nothing more … nothing less.  Middle of the month, “Where is it?” (the magazine)  The last one I saw was so long ago, I cannot remember the month nor the date. [ ]

BCM-One Week Removed  Nice to discover I have been missed.  Every now and then, I will come over here and “look around.”  No big deal, also I might add at this time, that I seem to be doing it less and less these days.  And that is a good thing, as I understand it.  Today I celebrate my first whole week of being BCM impaired, and I seemed to have survived it and feel just swell.  (If anyone cares?)  I also feel or understand that I’m under a lot of pressure to respond to certain statements made about me recently. The following are my uncensored thoughts. I hope this will put an end to any further speculation. [ ]

Soft Market Trade:  Right now I am wanting to change over from a bus to a truck RV.  For a number of reasons, a few of which I have listed below.  But I am not sure if I will be able to re-coop any of my investment, right at this moment, it appears that 30% would be an optimistic figure on my part.  Not an easy pill to swallow.  Especially when you figure in the time, the labor, the countless hours spent in shaping and molding this old bus into the road star it is today.  But none of that counts for anything these days. [ ]

BREAKDOWN:  I have had stopped up fuel filters, bad gas, bad diesel, jelled fuel lines, stuck thermostats, blow-outs and battery failure.  Doors that would not shut, AC that quit, refrigerators that did not cool, water hoses that broke or blew right out the side, generators that laid down and died, like an old dog.  Not to mention the occasional round of food poisoning, rip offs at the pump, and have even found myself accosted in the rest area or truck-stop bathroom, which believe me, is kind of incredible in itself, because I am just not all that cute at my age.  So why do I get so upset when my old bus breaks down or I need a new battery for my watch?  Beats me.  [ ] 

CHOO-CHOO-XPRESS:  What would you do if you held a bus rally and no one showed up?  What’s Up, about the middle of the page. [ ]

Be Patient:  So here it is, October, and NO Bus Conversions Magazine (BCM) again.  Why is it they can never get it out on time, and most importantly, where is it? [ ] 

BUS NUT QUESTION & ANSWER:  Spoof on the bus community posted on BCM.  This month’s issue of Travel Life Magazine, published out of Fresno, California on the Left Coast Of America, which is mainly sold out of a Root n Scoot Qwik Trip on the corner of Eucalyptus and Vine in Bakersfield, has an interesting Question and Answer Article on page 23.  Here are a few excerpts from that article. [ ]

If You Were Given A Chance To View The Future, Would You Take It?  Days are growing shorter now, the heat has dissipated some and that is always good.  We are busy here, trying to shape everything up and get out of town for a few weeks, to see some new sights, new friends, and spend some time with the grand-babies.  Believe it or not, we even found some extra scratch for some high priced diesel […]

Hobby Time T.G.I.F. as they say in some circles, I am ready.  I am sitting here drinking a cup of fresh coffee, sitting in front of my brand new, bought at Walmart, Made in China, wired backwards (off is on and on is off) six dollar fan.  I have this new wrinkle in my life, a huge […]

Kampin World:  The monkey loves brown rice, he knows that if he reaches into the tube and puts his hand in the plate for the brown rice, he is going to get shocked, but he does this, time after time. Why? Because like I said, the monkey never learns and of course … he loves brown rice. […]

Sneak Into America (Audio File)

HOW MUCH DID IT COST:  The most frequent question I am asked about my bus is “How much did it cost?” Which I freely admit, kind of irritates me. American’s want to know the cost of everything, but at the same time, I always seem to find that they know the true value of nothing. You ever notice that? […] 

Pour Me Another:  Last night, the wife is following me around, ragging me about an open window on the bus.  The turnpike window is open, it is open for a reason, “it is 108* outside and I don’t want to blow the windshields out of the thing, while sitting in the sun.  So I opened a window and […] 

Early Morning Coffee:  The wife sits next to me watching some mind numbing television (America Has David Hasslehoff) and I stare at the picture on the wall calendar and try and wish myself up in the rockies. Cloning myself in the spirit of “Somewhere In Time” and yearning to be in a different place, a new location.  […] 

Mama Cave Bear:  A voice yells out “C’mon get in here, three minutes to American Idol” and the guy is thinking “shoot me, shoot me, take me out in a field like an old dog and put one between my ears.”  She often has scared me in this very manner. For instance, in the past, she has said […] 

The Bird Is The Word […]

End Of The Day:  Nice to be home, no more … Construction Ahead … Lane shuts down in 1500 feet and you have some dummy right alongside of you.  Why they pull in there and then homestead the left-front, campout in the fast lane is beyond me.  El Reno Oklahoma, and it feels good to be in familiar territory.  […]

One Good Trip:  A friend and I were discussing this “Alaskan Gold Rush ” television show that is currently making the rounds on the Discovery Channel.  These poor saps, six guys from Oregon, are running all of this dilapidated very used equipment and mining for gold in Alaska.  Their collective dream is to find or discover the “Glory […]

Attitude Adjustment:  Being as I am terminally afflicted with a modern illness termed “Road Rage” it is often that I have to self diagnose myself and quickly take measures to protect not only myself, but also the general public at large. This morning, I am cruising down the boulevard; all is well in my world.  Traffic is […]

You Don’t Smell Like Flowers (audio file)

Hat Trick:  The road she calls to me … Like a sultry lover in the dark She whispers my name … I want to go …. My retirement or my life for that matter … Did not turn out the way I thought it would But then again, does anyone’s? So in order to beat the pain […]

Eastbound And Down:  East Bound & Down …  I got the hammer down. The quiet time of the morning, late into the night, and everyone is asleep in their beds.  Tucked away, safe, insulated from the cold night.  A time for reflection, deep inner thoughts, of the things that could have been. Here I sit.  Thinking about my […]

Fortunate Pilgrim:  Life on the road …  For the most part, the joint is empty, a couple of freight hauling truckers sitting at the counter, two young kids in a booth, who seem to be “all over each other.” I study them intently, she has black lipstick, black fingernails, jewelry everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. It is in her ear, her nose, a spot above her eyebrows is pierced. A picture of loveliness.  Every Mother’s pride and joy. [ ]

Rap Is Not Music (audio file)

Mile High Blues:  The wife sits next to me watching some mind numbing television (America Has David Hasslehoff) and I stare at Rusty’s coach and try and wish myself up in the rocks. Cloning myself in the spirit of “Somewhere In Time” and yearning to be in a different place in time. There is a […]


Things I Love:  Life in the fast lane, buses, trucks, highways in America. […]

TIME STAMP  Why is it when I see something like this alongside the road, I get that old familar feeling deep down in my gut, that I clearly realize as dangerous?  This can only lead to long hours in the shop, numerous cuts, bruises, scrapes and boxes of band-aids.  Missed dinners and family opportunities.  No wonder they […]



3 thoughts on “Bus Life

  1. just got off of a 4104 next week an eagle my first full time job Naomi and the segos 1986 she bought it new 4 speed man drove and rode like a dream miss it wish I knew who owned it now thanks


    • Hello Al,

      I no longer have your email on file so I will try this and hope that you are notified? I shut this down awhile back and seldom come over here, they sent me a notification and that is how I came across your message.

      I am outta the loop with most all of it now Al. The two open heart operations took a lot of my so-called spunk and I just putter around the place and mind my own business these days.

      Life being different with handicaps, changes things. I no longer let the trials and tribulations of modern life and all its entrapments take me down. Also, it is easy for me to ignore most social media I do not do a lot of either one these days. Mostly I find them irritating and frustrating, I do my best to ignore them, and move on.

      Right now I am renovating my bus shop, not to the standard of Nascar but it is starting to look pretty good. I started this project on the 2nd of March and expect to finish within the next two weeks. It has (to say the least) been a chore let me tell you. I just chew on it like an old dog with a bone, do a little here and there, and take my time (a commodity I seem to have plenty of, as I no longer have to work on the bus) and give it 3-5 hrs. each day.

      Right now it is so damn hot I have to be careful, in the middle of the night you can walk out there and find it 90-95* and that is way too hot.

      The last project I completed was in 2016 when I built a new porch on the house. If you want to see a video of it here is a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHYSUt4t2Bs

      Be forewarned, I had never did a video before and it skips around some (it is not in start to finish order) but most of it is there. It was a one man project (no help) and I fabricated 90% of what I needed to do it with.

      Why I do these insane projects is beyond me, but they keep me busy and outta the beer joints, so I suppose they serve a purpose. So there it are in a nutshell Al, that is what Boxcar has been doing more or less.




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