Midnight Highway

Being as I am terminally afflicted with a modern illness termed “Road Rage” it is often that I have to self diagnose myself and quickly take measures to protect not only myself, but also the general public at large.  This morning, I am cruising down the boulevard; all is well in my world. 

Traffic is light, most of it has cleared out, and the road for the most part is quite empty.  I am pleased, I chuckle and think, “If I was any happier I would have to pay an amusement tax.”

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Jus Sayin … Kiss Me I Think I am Gay?

The Government today ordered all food processors, super-markets, garden centers and home centers to cease selling Skippy Peanut butter … As this product offends people nick-named Skippy or Skipper.  Gilligans’ Island is being censored as we speak to remove all references to the word Skipper and replacing it with El Captain.

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Roll With It

Uh huh sure.

Sitting here this morning and my fingers are hurting, this of course has me perplexed, as I have not tried to unscrew anything, used them in any kind of application that would stress them out, yet, they hurt.  I bet this could be an interesting article in AARP Magazine … Do you have Pliers in your future?

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We are so out of here …

Old Store

Leaving for awhile, y’all try and be nice to each other, we are heading out this morning to parts unknown and totally new adventures.  Try not to kill each other in our absence, we will see you when we get back.  Hammer Down, Hammer Down, six on the floor, the other one out the ______ door … Hammer Down.



Photo Credit Tao Zero WordPress.com