Pretend Campers

Deep in the Heart of the Lone-Star state, it is like a whole nother world Y’all.  Waiting on some Hurricane by the name of Bob to roll thru.  You know, life is just chocked full of weather surprises this year.  At first I thought it was “a Mexican Roofers conspiracy, but now I am thinking … That Damn Al Gore … anything to make a point.”

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Over-Nighting With A Twist


Over the years while traveling the Interstate system, I have coveted certain areas that I will pull over and park for the night.  I have a favorite spot to break Denver-OKC or Las Vegas-OKC and so forth.  One such place is a WalMart outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, just on the east side after you come up the canyon.  This year on the way to Pahrump for the bus meet, we pulled in there to overnight and get some groceries.

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Things You Should Never Do At A Bus Meet

Parking crooked or being lop-sided

This bus meet sport involves “traversing environmental obstacles by not paying attention or rapidly and efficiently getting to the campground on time.” Still game?

Then consider this: You may have to swing wide, reposition repeatedly and borrow a longer dump hose when you get rid of the used groceries. Running over rocks, rubbing curbs, and mowing down other items, will get you bonus points.  You can watch this on YouTube later on without hurting yourself or your bus.

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