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The guy in front of me orders, and then when finished looks at me, and flatly states to the girl, his name is "The Mouth From The South.” Now I did not actually know this person, and found this to be offensive. Instead of nailing him, I took it in stride, and proceeded to ignore him the rest of the evening. It seems to me that people are too quick with the name calling these days.
Gmail gives you a whole 30 seconds to make up your mind whether or not to send your vile, venomous, slandering, vitriol laced email or delete it.  So if you are going to call Uncle Paul a dirty, low down, egg sucking Dawg … and change your mind, because you forgot your birthday is next week, you had best be quick about it.

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Couples have an amount they can spend up to without discussing IT with each other.  Mine is around $50. My wife’s is around $643.27.


“Find out if your heart is strong enough and then ask your doctor about having sex.”   Okay, I will, but he has never brought it up before,

I just know it will just lead to another prescription.

When I was a little boy, if I got sick I went to a doctor, who sent me to a hospital to be treated by other doctors.  Now I go to a family practitioner who belongs to a “health maintenance organization,” which sends me to a “wellness center” to be treated by “health-care delivery professionals.”

All that, just to tell me

“Do not use the diving-board when the swimming pool is empty.”

Commenting on FakeBook is really easy, often just a cut and a paste away from immortality.  The tricky part is spelling all of it wrong.

Gmail gives you a whole 30 seconds to make up your mind whether or not to send your vile, venomous, slandering, vitriol laced email or delete it.  So if you are going to call Uncle Paul a dirty, low down, egg sucking Dawg … and change your mind, because you forgot your birthday is next week, you had best be quick about it.

If you turn in your neighbor for beating up his kids, will he still loan you his tools?


One of the things I regret in life is the fact that I did not do a lot of skinny dipping with all those young, supple, well endowed, bow-legged women in high-school, and now much older and graduated, wish I had done more of that.  That would be a genuine sincere form of regret.


News Channel Five (Live! …  Late Breaking!  … Really Lame) reports that in Oklahoma City, a burglar broke into a home on the north-side of town, and according to the home owner, all that was taken was a toothbrush.

Yes, hard to believe, but it is true.  Wonder why he apparently left the mouthwash?

Jus Sayin



Closed Sites … Like Mind Socializing.


This year (which is incidentally better than half way over), I have learned some new tricks, smoothed out some new wrinkles in my life.  Learned if you see a notice on a FakeBook site and it says, “Closed Site” or something stating it is more or less private, then it would be a good deal to pass. 

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Test On Friday …

Old guyMan that expression used to literally send a chill up my spine in High School … “Smith, there is going to be a test on this Friday.”  Funny how times change, now I see people flocking to take tests all the time.

Each week on FakeBook I see all of these “so-called quizzes” where you are told the meaning of your name, how old you REALLY are, how smart you seem to be or could be.  I find them amusing. 

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Pull On My Ears, Give Me Some Love …

I meditate.  I burn candles.  I drink green tea.  And yes … I often want to smack people.  Nothing seems to work here lately.


On days like I just had today, I want to walk over to someone and stick my head in their crotch and take a long, deep-breath just like Jack, and let them scratch my ears.  There are days, believe it or not, that the life of a dog would actually be preferable.

But alas, I don’t have enough money to buy a fine dog to live vicariously thru, just a pocket full of kindness to make him wag his tail.


Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog’s face, he gets mad at you, but when you take him for a car ride, he sticks his head out the window?

One last thing:  “Do you ever wonder why you gave me your e-mail, friended me on FakeBook or came to this webpage in the first place?

Me too.



I Will Drink To That …

whiskey shotSome people can easily turn off the Internet and ignore their favorite haunts. But many have the urge to compulsively “just check,” no matter what conversations and activities are going on around them.

That’s because each notification, like, and communication, is a stimulant that acts as a pleasure hit to the brain.  Better than Denver smoke, or a doctored candy bar in some instances. It also creates an instant sense of excitement and a false expectation of being needed.

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The Old Name Game …

imagesThe Indian Chief stood in front of the judge and the judge said to him, “You are here to change your name?” and the Indian nodded his head in agreement. 

The judge then asked him, “What is your name?” and the Chief replied, “Big Chief screeching train whistle.”

The judge pondered this for a moment or two and said, “What do you want to change it to?”

The indian looked up and sighed … “Toots.”

A great many things in life I do not understand.  Like this “multiple name thing” that women have adopted.  Here is an example:  Hillary Rodham Clinton” why do they take these multiple misnomers.  There are actually women on FaceBook who have four separate names.

What is it that compels these ladies to do that?

If Laura, Kate and Sarah go out for lunch, they will call each other Laura, Kate and Sarah. If Mike, Dave and John go out, they will affectionately refer to each other as Fat Boy, Bubba and Wild-man.

When the bill arrives, Mike, Dave and John will each throw in $20, even though it’s only for $32.50. None of them will have anything smaller and none will actually admit they want change back.

When the girls get their bill, out come the pocket calculators. 

Like I said, “there are times when I just do not get it.”

Now for a good morning chuckle.  With alcohol-related injuries on the rise in Australia, the owners of some bars are installing rubber sidewalks outside their establishments.

The new sidewalks, made of recycled tires, cut down on the head trauma and bruises suffered when people pass out, trip, and fall, or hit the ground during a bar fight.  So much for responsible drinking eh? 

I just can hear it now, the wife standing in the kitchen at 2:30 a.m. demanding to know … “Where did you get all those skid marks?

The other day I intently sat here completely mesmerized and watched a bridge moved on an episode of “We Are Going To Move This Incredibly, Huge, Holy Crap, look at the size of that Godzilla Sized Stuff” on the Discovery Channel. 

And it occurred to me: 

If we are capable of moving a 5 million pound bridge, on several barges with tugboats, upstream 16 miles, to two pre-cast already constructed concrete pillars and then placing that bridge on the site and everything fits.  Then why can’t we build a car that gets more than 50 mpg?” 

This was indeed done back east recently, it did happen.

Earlier in the week I got this email from a person and it said, “This sounds like the kind of joke you would tell.  The email went on to explain the joke to me, which I will spare all of you the misery and will NOT pass it on. 

The thing that bugs me about the situation, this was an off-color joke, and you can ask anyone who knows me, I don’t tell off color jokes.    

I guess what is buggin’ me is this.  What type of image is it that I project to folks that would make them think I enjoy garbage like that? 

Well, having said that, I will move on.  It is not often easy being me.  But I cannot be anyone else, you see, “everyone else has been taken, I have to be me.”


Jus Sayin – Last One


Steven Wright cracks me up, if I get an opportunity to see him, I always try to make it.  The past ninety days I have been trying some different things here and on FaceBook.  Some of them have been in the spirit of Steven Wright or perhaps, Dave Barry. 

Both men talented in their own rights, worth emulating if you will.  Jus Sayin has been one off-shoot of this type of thinking.  And even tho’ I sincerely enjoyed my trip into obscurity and yes, total-non-sense at times, it is time to put a stop to it (Jus Sayin). 

While fun and enjoyable to throw together.  It has made me lazy and unfortunately, helped me to form some new habits, that I find are not constructive or conducive to good blogging (yet alone grammar).

From time to time, all of us here, will try something different.  I jumped on FaceBook to get a little taste of that.  Some surprising things happened.  For one, “I recently found 290 photo’s tucked into a file on my computer, not of my making.”

That was kind of disturbing and also depressing because of the content of these photo’s.  Now I know why the cops are so quick to seize the computer when they raid the house.

But that is a horse of another color, we are drifting here, sorry.

FaceBook as a social media platform, in my opinion, is a miserable failure.  People are so quick to hit a Like Button and then move on, seldom have time to share a real thought.  It is also intrusive, asking questions of the user all the time, profiling what it is, who it is, that you are mingling with or following.  Much like Goggle, tracking your every move.

I have noticed here and over there, that people are now regressing to a point where a written comment is just about unheard of.  Years ago I lamented about this very same point on BoxCarOkie, and today, it is even worse than it was then. 

People are apparently so busy trying to make a life, they do not have time for one.  Same thing happening regarding actual real comments.

It takes virtually no talent, drive, or imagination to click on a Like Button.  Same with video’s and cutesy sayings and electronic cards (when you cut and paste, that is their spirit, imagination and thoughts not yours). 

Email is a joke and not to be trusted. 

The FaceBook media makes it easy to skip the outpouring of the human spirit, the sharing of ideas, or communication in its basic form.  It is for lack of a better analogy, a swift exit from real life and the world we all share each day.

So we click the button and we move on. 

We are so sad, we click “Like” on a child fighting for his life with leukemia, or when Grandma dies.  We cannot say “I love you” but instead tell everyone where we are putting on the feed-bag for supper, or send a photo of our latest high calorie, cholesterol filled creation.   

How people can construe that as “communication or sharing” I will never know.  Having said it before, I will say it again.  “There is nothing on FaceBook that cannot wait.” 

Pick up a phone, call your kids or a friend … Hell, just try to “talk to someone” for a change, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Jus Sayin

(Last one)


Jus Sayin 1227

imagesFacebook finally comes thru, it has been awhile. 

This week I got a message from a sweet girl in Nigeria and she said “that she was really sure that I might be the one?” and that she needed a little money to get out of the airport.

We struck up a mutual admiration kind of relationship and I agreed to send her some cash, wrapped in tin foil, tucked into a box of Post Toasties. 

Her picture is stunning and her story is captivating, but I am a little bit suspicious as to why she has a post office box and not a real working address.

This could be that Clearing House Magazine Sweepstakes nightmare all over again.

Jus Sayin