Jus Sayin 1219

The guy in front of me orders, and then when finished looks at me, and flatly states to the girl, his name is "The Mouth From The South.” Now I did not actually know this person, and found this to be offensive. Instead of nailing him, I took it in stride, and proceeded to ignore him the rest of the evening. It seems to me that people are too quick with the name calling these days.Last night my sweet Muse came to me in a dream and she said:  “It would be great if you were closer to me, I could come over and lay my head on your shoulder and have a good cry … But then again, the smell of Ben Gaye really burns my eyes.”

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Why Do We Buy Into All This …

Old guyJust read a new survey that says “64% of Americans rate the honesty and ethical standards of members of Congress as low or very low.”  Which of course is most likely the lowest rating on record since the ancient times of Rome?  Congress now rates just below telemarketers or whale poop, and we all know that is at the bottom of the ocean. 

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Someone Is Watching

“This is kind of like biting into the apple and finding half of a worm, ever since Adam & Eve there has been trouble in the garden, and today it is no different.”

Remember when you were small, and very unsatisfied with the things of life, you announced to your mother:  “I am going to run away from here and live somewhere else.”  Then you carefully packed up all your belongings, grabbed a quick peanut butter sandwich and the family dog and took off.  Usually as far as down to the corner, to sit on the curb, eat your sandwich and talk to the dog for awhile before coming back home.

Then after being gone a total of say forty-five minutes or so, you would return home, look at your mother and say something profound such as:  “I see you still have the same cat.”

Welcome home son.

I suppose we all dream of living somewhere else, especially when things get a little tough where it is that we currently find ourselves residing at the time.  Did you know that Facebook, the daily hangout for about 800 million people world wide is the new digital world for a lot of folks.

If Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s third largest, after India and China.

Think about this, it is governed by a set of rules based on an ideology espoused by its management team and founding father Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook World, advocates what has come to be known as “radical transparency” the idea that humanity would be better off if everybody were more transparent about who they are and what they do.  So they collect information on YOU and then they sell it to someone else.

I don’t know about you, but I kind of find that almost scary.  A cyber community of people who are totally transparent … TMI (Too Much Information) … I can only think of one apparent good thing about it, no longer does the husband have to answer that stoooopid question:  “Does this thing make me look fat?” … It should be fairly apparent in this world.

Facebook is not alone in this.

Goggle will “cross-pollinate” information it has gathered on you from searches, emails on Gmail, YouTube videos, posts on Google+, and even applications on Android smart-phones to create a “complete picture of who you are, what you read, where you’re going, and what you’re up to.”

All the time, the company is telling you it is in order to serve you better.

My grandmother used to say:  Always be very skeptical of small numbers and quick explanations.  You see, Facebook and Google both know it’s impossible not to take advantage of people. The trick is to take advantage of them in their own best interest.  Are you worried, are you scared yet?  You should be.

Let me see if I can simplify this a little more.  This is kind of like biting into the apple and finding half of a worm, ever since Adam & Eve there has been trouble in the garden, and today it is no different.

They are collecting information on you to sell to someone else, that is how they make their living.  And you are using their services for free so therefore they feel they have the right to do this.  It’s called “The No Free Lunch” clause, it was inside the little box you checked when you agreed to the terms of service when you first signed up.

Dear Boxcar, I think my wife might have died.  The love-making and sex is the same, but the ironing is piling up. 

Frustrated in Oklahoma.

(Don’t pay any attention to that last quote, I am just trying my best to screw them up.)

One last thing:  If you should happen to open your Email this week and spy a message from Crazy Horse, go ahead and open it, it is just me.  I am going to try and get them off my trail for a bit.