Between The Lines

Look now for glad and golden hours come swiftly on the wing … O rest beside the weary toad and hear the angels sing …  Old buses always seem to run faster on the way home, and most of the time, the road always seems to stay the same.

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He’s So Jolly 2012

He’s So Jolly
(Parody of Hello Dolly by Louis Armstrong)
He’s so jolly
Santa’s so jolly
Christmas night
He’s in his sled where he belongs
You’re looking great
Lost some weight
Red cheeks glowin’
Ho-ho-ho in
You keep goin’ strong
I feel the roof shakin’
That whole house quakin’
When ever you grab that sack
Of toys and slide right on in
So Skip that nap
Kids are climbin’ on that lap
Jolly old Saint Nick’s on his way again
I see some snow blowin
Rudolph’s nose glowin’
Bringin’ our favorite frosty cat
Right back safe again
So deck the trees fellas
Leave him out some milk and cheese fellas
Jolly Saint Nick is comin’ your way
Jolly Saint Nick is ridin’ his sleigh
Jolly Saint Nick is on his way again
Jolly Saint Nick is on his way again