New Horizons …


There is something being kicked around, a new vision on the horizon for bus owners.  People are discussing the possibility of bringing something back from the dead (no this is not Jerry Springer, this is the real deal), a de facto expired bus board pulled from the trash-bin and given new life.  Continue reading

Back To Basics


This post is guarenteed to be 100% free of political rant type speech.  It is however loaded with bovine excrement (BS) and a few political opinions (observations) caution is therefore advised.

The all too familiar strains of “Troubadour” by George Straight, are on my radio this morning, and I wax nostalgic for what a lot of us call “The Old Days.”  That mysterious time in our life, when our mind does its very best to convince us that those were the months (and sometimes years), that were truly the best.

But we all know, they simply didn’t fill the bill.

Back in the old days, when wintertime got me down, when the pressures of life, seemed greater than I could bear, I would slink out into the garage.  Pull up an old plastic milk cartoon, fire up my Harley, and sit there and just sip on my Jack Daniels and Coke, listen to the sounds of the motor ka-thumping – Ka-thumpin’ away in its hypnotic rhythms and just forget about whatever that was buggin me at that juncture in time.  Life I find now, a little more hectic and not so simple.

Recently emerging from my temporary brain freeze I have realized one simple fact.  I am virtually powerless to stop what is happening in this country on a now daily basis.

I cannot help it if your world has fractured and your political party is full of moron’s and there is no hope on the horizon for you and those like you. It is not my fault that American politics’ have brainwashed a great many into misdirected mindless rhetoric and trained you to think like a dog (Might pay to remember, if you are not the lead dog in the pack, then the view is always going to be the same).

It is not my fault as the fabric of American society unravels, which leaves us but one option … We Have To Learn How To Deal With It.

People who do not learn from their mistakes are prone to repeat them, this being a new month, and a fresh start of sorts, has convinced me that I am ripe for some kind of change in my life.

I remember coming home from the service and hiring out to ride the rails.  One of the first things I learned was in order to get along, to be a good member of the tribe; I had to learn some social mores of the day.

One of them being this:  “It is best to NEVER discuss religion or politics’ with anyone, friend or foe.”  Nothing … Absolutely nothing .. good can come of it.

Now if you will excuse me, it is time for “The View” where all the girls get together and discuss the important issues of life,  The time of day, I sit in the chair and listen, while I read my USA Today.  A time to listen as Liz-A-Beth tells us about the  meaning of the word Octopus and how it is a new term for an eight sided vagina and Joy informs the audience that trampoline is a lubricant very popular with loose women.

It aint much, but it beats the **** out of politics.

Bottom line:  “Religion/Politics? …  Just don’t do it.  Talk about the weather, the crops, the kids that graduated and moved away to work in the big city shops …  Speak nothing of Washington DC and nothing of all this trouble that mountains of free money seems to bring.

“Just leave all that other crap alone.”  You will live longer.


Good News

back-to-basicsGood News!  I have something interesting to tell you.

What I have discovered is this.  Change is the first necessity of progress, and I have recently came to the shocking realization, I desperately need one.

Time to find my “Happy Place” as Frasier Crane would say and get in it.  Seek out and locate a method to find a way to fight the urge to check my email everyday, write an article that will change the face of society, to locate and read every favorite blog on the net.

It is time to rearrange my priorities.  Possibly figure out a new angle on how to break off some bite-sized pieces of life, and then step out to lunch.  I am going to stop allowing some of this to steal my joy.  Life is just too short, y’know it?

Instead, I am going to find a way to get back to the basic’s of life, discover a method to refresh myself by taking “three big deep breaths of air” as one of my readers suggested … and most importantly to relax every time some misinformed email miscreant gives me a hard time.

Nothing … absolutely nothing … Is impossible.

I will find something that works for me, and of course, I am gonna share it with you too.

Is this a great medium or what?  So ends today self examination of the American way of life, such as it is.  Take a deep breath, appreciate those things in life that you still have … Like a J.O.B. that would be a great place to start.  Close this window and get back to work, I think I hear the  boss coming.


Almost Spring


Spring has sprung … The grass is riz … Hey, I wonder where all the flowers is?  The above is our new header for March, a field of flowers, pretty snazzy eh?

Where is this year going?  Last day of the month, and I can truthfully say, it kind of snuck up on me.  Life seems too fast paced any more …  You see it that way?

It seems like everything is rushing into oblivion and at times just a blur on the place mat of time.  I on the other hand, seem to be slowing down a little, and I suppose that is good.  I posted 48 articles in January and in February that dropped to about half, 21.  I suspect this month will be the same, as I have adapted to this slower relaxed pace and seem comfortable with it.

This year, the total is 772 posts, some of them good and some of them not so good.  Just depends on your attitude at the time and your current outlook on life I guess.  None of them by their very nature, guaranteed to amuse, please, fulfill a need or entertain.

March.  The windy month … Still, the prospect of a new month always excites me.  Last month was not so great for me, I lost another friend and it took a toll on my psyche.  Death is the only thing that never seems to take a holiday, did you ever notice that?  I find myself attending more funerals than weddings and that is a sad commentary on life, but never the less, and all too familiar routine at this time.

Trouble as usual, searched me out, and called me by name.

February presented its fair share of turmoil and strife.  I had my share of battles fought and won, and yes, some lost, but I suited up for the game every day.  One very important aspect of life emerged for me, my personal epiphany you might say.  All this political crap has jaded my outlook on life, and at times, soured me to the joy of living.  So I have made a conscious commitment this month to cut back on it, for the most part I understand, that I can not be effective in any kind of change anyway.

So, for me, this month, it is all about getting back to basics.

First thing I am going to do is see if I can figure out a way to “reward myself more” and stop assuming the problems of the country and this world.  People who schedule “guilt free playtime or squander a little peace for themselves in life” seem to be happier.  Not to mention more efficient and well adjusted.

Having said all that, here is the nugget, the one simple truth.  One of the absolute best things about life is the fact that it is never, ever, too late to start over.

See You In The Funny Papers.


Bound For Glory



My telephone rings, in the receiver I hear, “This article your wrote?”


“Yes?” I reply


“Well, it kind of sucked.”

The voice on the other end says  back to me.


So I said, “Didn’t like it huh? 

You want me to put you down on the negative side, that your vote?”


A little pause, and then a chuckle, “No.  Put me down on that side TWICE!”



My Lil Brother John ….. One of the great things about friends, or friendship, is that they (friends, close friends) can tell you things in a way where you understand and you do not take exception to it.  They can, because they are special, step over the line and rub you the wrong way, but you take it, because they are your peculiar treasure in life. A cut above the crowd. 


They like you for who you are, warts and all, and that gives them what I call “Special License” and often, I let him slide.  If it came from someone else I would “nail their hide to the barn door” but because it came from John, I always gave him a pass.


4:35 a.m. end of the week, it has been a long, long row to hoe.  My friend has been laid to rest and this is the first week of my life without him, unmistakably, it has been hard.  Life can be a cruel taskmaster at times, and I have certainly learned a lesson or two this past seven days. 


Albeit, lessons that I would have preferred to have skipped, but was called to attend.


His son called me the day before the memorial service and told me that he was going to read the post Goodbye To My Friend John at his internment.  I could not be there (a distance of 1122 miles to his home in Arizona and the time factor coming into play) so it was a comfort to me that something was said to John and it came from me. 


I had my part in it, and I got to say, what it is that I wanted to say.  Somehow, I know this is going to sound strange, but I just know that John heard every word.  Ironically it was somewhat appropriate; it was a piece written by a railroader, for a railroader, and presented to his friends, by his son Sam, railroaders all. 


From all indications it was well received and it was a fitting send off to a very special person.  Most importantly, above all,  God was there, I know that too. 



On that day, this website had the highest amount of hits that it ever experienced, over 400 hits in one twenty-four hour period.  From the reading of the article at the service at 930 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon, and then on to the next morning.  Cumulating in a total of 423 in one twenty-four hour period, an amazing amount of visitors and I am completely blown away by it.


I cannot explain it any other way; it has to be a God thing and nothing more.  To me, a person who eats, sleeps, breathes with this thing 24/7 it is just short of phenomenal and no other explanation can explain it.


Thank you to all of you who responded to me during this time and I want to thank you for your encouraging words, the kindness that you extended to me during this period, has not gone un-noticed.


The comments section has been cleared and posted, I chose to not answer any one comment specifically at this time, for obvious reasons.  We will just pick up the ball and start running from here, suit up for another game, and get back to living life the best way we can. 


“And yes, some of it is going to suck so git reedy as John would say.”


I am truly grateful for all the time that God allowed me to share with this man, John Thomas Wright, and I shall for the remainder of my life, hold in my heart, a special place reserved just for him.


One more time, thanks for the kind words, the patience, you guys are the salt of the earth.  I appreciate you.  Time has a way of healing the heart, and as the Bible says, “This too shall pass.”  My friend is Bound For Glory and I know I am gonna miss him, but it will be alright.  It won’t be easy, but it will heal with time.