Cheer Up Dammit ….


Surfing around the net this morning, trying desperately to find something amusing, I am so tired of the negative vibes that seem to be reverberating around this world we all live in.

My efforts produced nothing.  But I am going to forge ahead anyway, there is always another bend in the river of time.


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Breakfast With Little Man ….


Most everyone that knows me, will testify to my obsession my outright hatred of Cellphones.  I make no bones about it.  When used as a phone that is okay, but most people use them for everything but a phone and that irks me.

Yesterday I had breakfast at Denny’s (low on grease this month) and I watched a guy have breakfast with his little guy buddy.  His boy had to be about five or six, and they sat there in the booth and talked, and ate breakfast.

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Go Ahead … Make My Day

A man checked into a bed and breakfast on the ocean front in Maine.  The next morning he woke up to greet the new day and discovered that the beach in front of his room was littered with starfish, hundreds and possibly thousands of starfish.

At the end of the beach he saw one young lad, about 12 or 13 years old, picking them up one at a time, and tossing them back into the ocean.

He walked over to the boy and inquired of him, “What are you doing?” and the boy, without looking up, kept tossing them back into the sea and replied, “I am sending them back.”  The man then said to the young lad, “this is impossible, what difference can it make.”

Again, the boy without so much as looking up, tossed a starfish into the sea and then said … “Makes a difference to this one … and this one … and this.”

I suppose we are all told from an early point in our lives, that most certainly there are going to be things out of our reach.  In my case, it has happened over and over, all thru my childhood and into my adult life.

Early on I remember, I am headed out the door to go to the park and play ball with my buddies and my mother says, “take a jacket with you, it is going to get cold.”

Now being a typical red-blooded American boy, I make my own decision.  I on the other hand reply, “Naw, I don’t need a jacket.”

So she says, “Take the jacket or you don’t go.”  Period.  End of story.  That is the way a Mother deals with youthful misguided rebellion.  Later on in the day, the cold front moves in, and it gets cold.

On another day she says, “If those black kids get in the pool, you get out, they all have diseases.”  And in your heart, even though you are young, something tells you this just isn’t right, but you remember the jacket.  She was after all, right about the jacket.

Having said all that, what is the point?

The point being, you cannot believe everything you see or hear.  That even when the odds are against you in every respect, deep inside you have what it takes to make a difference, you have the ability to reason right from wrong.

A lot of flack this week about Superbowl commercials.  I don’t give a rat’s patooie if Clint Eastwood makes one hundred commercials, if he has the time, the resources, and the will to do it.  Then go for it.  Most of us, will quickly recognize it for what it is, a commercial, which are by nature usually loaded with half-truths, fabrications, and often, outright lies.  It is after all, the nature of the beast.

Here is what I don’t need …. I don’t need anyone in the media to tell me afterwords what it is that he said.  I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.  Too much of this is “hard sell” and it is (in my case) getting to the point of flat out being revolting.

All these people claiming they have all the answers, and they are going to straighten out the country and get us back where we need to be?   Makes me wonder here, locked down in a blue fly-over state, are they truly going to make a difference or is it just more of the same old crap?

Like my old man was fond of saying … “The best sermons are lived, not preached.”



Mugg Shots

Man, what is this world coming to?  I just read that McDonald’s Hamburgers has been banned from selling Happy Meals in San Francisco, California.  Once again, the elected Nim-Com-Poops have rallied together to “protect us from ourselves.”  Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups.

They banned the meals because of their fear that it “might entice children to eat food that was loaded with fats, salt, sugar.”  From here on out, they can only offer a toy with the meal, if the meal is low-fat, low-salt, low-sugar.

I hate to throw a wet towel on all this boys, but the mechanism to keep all this in check was already in place … It is called “Parenting.”

But there is good news, across the bay, in Oakland (The murder capital of California) the “Happy To Be Alive Meal” is still being sold.  The toy this week as I understand it, is a zip gun.

Now on the other side of the country, the Nanny Patrol finds it necessary to cancel school dances.

Hide the adults! Teens are dirty dancing

It’s interesting to note that the dance wasn’t canceled out of concern for the kids — the usual defense — but because teachers refused to subject themselves to another night of watching teenagers dry hump to music. It really makes you wonder whose innocence they’re trying to protect — the kids’ or their own. Posted on November 13, 2010 by Bill on Cracker Boy or you can read the full story on Salon here.

45% of American adults say daylight saving time is “not worth the hassle. While 40% say it is.”  27% say they’ve arrived somewhere early or late because they forgot to change their clocks. And 98.5% say they cannot explain to their family cat at 4:16 A.M. why it is NOT time to go outside each morning.

A Legend In His Own Mind

George Bush released a new book last week, after two years of self imposed exile in the Lone Star State, he is appearing here and there to talk about his book “Decision Points.”  Which I understand is a major yawner available for about $25 nationwide.  Kind of ironic, the book comes out AFTER THE ELECTIONS guess it wouldn’t look too cool, throwing all of your Republican buddies under the bus, a week or two BEFORE the vote is counted.

Anyway, I am going to take a pass, Bush has lied to me before.

Speaking of buses? (He did it again! He did it again!)  Last spring, , an unemployed hotel concierge in St Paul Minn bought an old junkyard bus for $2,000.  He fixed it up, and now drives around the Twin Cities giving free rides to people at bus stops.  He even passes out free coffee and encourages sing-a-longs.  The good news is we need more people like Freddy Jackson, willing to step up to the plate and help out.

The bad news is some jerk will most likely sue him for everything that he has if he has an accident.  That is unless the City Fathers hear of the competition to city run bus lines, and just shut him down completely.

It is not easy being a Freddy Jackson in today’s America.

Another Jackson is in the news again.  Michael Jackson who was named the world’s top-earning dead celebrity this year by Forbes magazine, with $275 million in music and movie revenue.  He is beating out Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Jay Z all of them combined.  This week he released a new single (now that is a trick, releasing a single from the grave) and they swear it is HIS voice on the CD.


As Usual I Save The Best For Last

In the Mile High City (Denver Colorado) they are intent in reducing the size of government.  Now that is refreshing.  I understand that they will soon vote on an initiative to establishing a seven member “Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission” to handle “potential encounters or interrelations with extraterrestrial intelligent beings or their vehicles.”

Which is great, I would hate to think of government wasting money on frivolous endeavors.


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Dawg-Days Of Summer ….

Another day of August, the “Dog Days” as some refer to them. The hot sultry period of summer between early July and early September in the northern hemisphere. A period of stagnation and inactivity. In order to get through the steamy dog days of summer, doctors recommend drinking plenty of fluids and avoiding overexertion.

My kind of doctors.

So taking their expert advice, I am sitting on the front porch, glass of sweet tea, and lounging around in my new outdoor chairs that I bought this week at “the end of summer sale” at Academy Sports, $15.99 marked down to just $10.

(I am now ready for my smart shopper tag, but I bet the wife will not allow it)

The lady down the street is “hovering over her children” again. I don’t understand this at all, when did we start raising our kids in bubbles? It is as if a kid has no right to go outside, to run, to hide, to blow off all that explosive energy that children seem to have.

When I was a kid, we were allowed to run free, to experience life, to learn, to go outside and play without adult supervision. It was my mothers’ favorite mantra ……. Jeeze Don just go outside and play!

It was outside where we did our favorite child things. Climbed trees, fell out of trees, smashed our little heads. We got into fights and every now and then that crazy old guy from down the street would walk by with his raincoat on (when it was not raining) and do really weird stuff!

Outside I not only learned that “I did not have SuperMan powers and amused my friends by jumping off the roof of my fathers house, with my mothers best bathroom towel wrapped around my neck.”

Outside is where I learned to climb a utility pole, walk thru a railroad tunnel in the dark, abscond with the neighbors Christmas Lites and listen to them explode when tossed like a hand grenade.

Outside, playing and wrestling with our dog, is where I learned if he licked you in the face, you wouldn’t die, as my mother had told me previously. At the park on Saturdays, with all my buddies, I learned I could not hit a curve ball. That swinging on a swing set with a girl, wasn’t all that bad, and walking them home from school was kind of cool.

If you played your cards right, outside was all right indeed.

You could go down to the creek, catch a bunch of tadpoles, take them home in an old fruit jar, feed them the scrapin’s off burnt toast and watch ‘em turn into frogs. You could secretly keep a pet snake in your room until your little sister snitched you out to Mom and Dad. Put your tooth in a bottle of Coke and watch it disappear on the windowsill.

This new generation of parents we have now do not allow that kind of freedom in a kid.  They are pampered, protected, watched over like they are some kind of breakable fine china or something. This gal down the street from me does it all the time.

Kids should be allowed to simply be kids, to laugh about nothing in particular, just for the sake of laughing. You ever notice that. They just crack up for no apparent reason … A rule of life when you are a kid.

Half of the kids today are not allowed to ride their bikes out of a parents visual range, or allowed to climb a tree in their own yard. Most kids are inside, fully supervised, playing video games or whatever. Over-protection of a child, in my opinion, is unhealthy, it sucks the joy out of living right out of them.

Keeping your kid on a tight leash is selfish; it does the child absolutely no good whatsoever.

It seems that the only permanent thing in life, is change. And things changed. We just had baby strollers or buggies, now they have these four and six wheeled monsters that somewhat resemble a Porsche or a fine tuned sports car. It’s unfortunate, but we seem more interested in “projecting the right image” in this country, instead of raising our children right.

The gal down the street doesn’t know it. But I have been secretly teaching him how to catch and toss a Frisbee when she isn’t looking. It isn’t much, but it is the best I have to offer right now.