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 You are a euphoric type. You touch others with your humor, laughter and love. You radiate bliss and that is highly contagious. Your vitality flows through you and all who are lucky enough to know you. When one thinks of you, they automatically have to smile.  Why?”

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Why Do We Buy Into All This …

Old guyJust read a new survey that says “64% of Americans rate the honesty and ethical standards of members of Congress as low or very low.”  Which of course is most likely the lowest rating on record since the ancient times of Rome?  Congress now rates just below telemarketers or whale poop, and we all know that is at the bottom of the ocean. 

If you think this is bogus, consider this:  “Hillary has blond hair” … I rest my case y’honor. Continue reading

Strange Medicine … Have A Spoonful.

image001Find Your Happy Place:  Took my HHR to WalMart to have a tire looked at, it turned out it had a nail in it, and had to be pulled off the car and fixed. 

Usually this is no big deal, pull the tire, patch it, and re-mount it on the car.  I was a little bit hesitant when the person they assigned to work on my car turned out to be some new age tweaker with body piercing and a skunk hair do.  

 But I did not say anything.

They really messed up my car, skunk boy shot the tire and rim off the tire machine about six feet into the air and it came down on the concrete and damaged it severely.  This gets us to the part that I really did not like.  Although it was their employee that ruined my wheel, I spent three hours of my time locating a new rim which they paid to replace.  Here is the rub, the rim was paid for, they did not compensate me for any of MY time and they did not even offer so much as an apology for all that took place.  

If you go to WalMart and they try to assign Skunk Boy to work on your stuff, I don’t care if it is PC or not, tell them you want someone else.  In the future, if they look like, or dress like, or sound like, a crack head, I am going to say something first hand about it.  I am tired of dopers messing up my stuff and wasting my time and corporations who do nothing about it.  In this case, I feel as if I was “lucky in one respect” the entire thing only cost me three hours of my time and about $30 to replace the damaged wheel.

It Might Be The Tube:  Having trouble sleeping at night?  Putting on a few pounds?  Studies have show that watching too much television, computers, TV or cellphone screen messages can put you at risk for depression.  Night time exposure to light glow gadgets has already been shown to contribute to insomnia, cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

A new study shows that screen glow can cause mood related changes in the brain.  So it isn’t David Letterman after all, and it isn’t the Jay Walkers on Channel four.  (It might be Jerry Springer who is the ultimate trigger, we are not sure, we will have to get back to you on that one)

But we do know this.

It is your electronic devices you have surrounded yourself with.  If you think about what it represents, it does make sense.  You take a rat, you keep ‘em in the dark and study them for awhile, notice what rat things, rat’s do.  Then you take the same rats, subject them to huge amounts of light, from something resembling a TV screen or a PC.

First thing you notice is that the rats become lethargic and they ignore their favorite sugary treats, which of course suggests that “they are no longer deriving pleasure out of activities they once enjoyed.” (Being a good rat)  The next thing you know, they are auditioning on American Idol and Keith Urban is upset, and the Dawg is amused … What were we talking about here?  Depression, rats (the non politician type), and behavior modification.

How do I know all of this?  Well, if you must know, I stayed in a Holiday Inn in Amarillo last night.  Can we move on?

Same deal with Pepsi, coke, or diet anything …. serve rats fifty to sixty cans a day of the stuff, and sure as hell, they all get cancer.  Here is something we should look into … What if white rats are genetically linked to cancer to begin with (born with it in their genes) … Isn’t this going to screw up the data?  Leaving you with this consideration we will now conclude today’s science lesson for the criminally insane.  Next time we will discuss the problem developing with bears in our population.


Bad Start To A New Deal:  Last September Apple stock was trading at $700-$800 per day and now it is down in the mid $400‘s.  Cheerio’s, Post Toasties and Cinnamon Buns are going thru the roof!  No more twinkies.  The year isn’t but one month old, and one Moonshiner has been arrested and The Gold Rush boys in Alaska, are still not finding gold.  Things are so bad in New York, the Mafia has laid off ten judges.  

And people wonder why television has a tendency to depress a person. (It isn’t all about the light depravation or glow, let me tell you)  

Think About This One.  If you worked 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year, and you lost a million dollars an hour every hour, it would take you almost three years to lose $5.8 billion dollars.  Now the guys on The Street, JP Morgan were able to do it in only a few months.  But if things get really out of hand, they do not worry, because the tax-payers will bail them out.  Pretty neat set up.


Ahead Of The Curve:  I saved the best for last.  Nothing sweeter than seeing something that you have already covered as a post on your webpage in a national headline or paper.  Yesterday morning I found this article on Feral Cats and as you know, I had written on this very same subject Fluffy Is A Killer on my site prior to this (December).  Pretty cool … Makes me almost want to dance.

Friday, you made it.  I am somewhat surprised that I did too.

One Last Thing In This Brand New Month.  The manager at WalMart just told me via the telephone that they had terminated Skunk Boy because of poor job performance.  If you swing thru McDonalds this weekend and the kid has pimples, jewelry and a Skunk type-do … Hammer down and rush over to Burger King or Taco Bell instead.

I am outta here … Have A Great Weekend.


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Monday morning, here we are, out here in the country, where the pavement ends.  It is our profound hope you have a great day and even better week, and somehow make it to the weekend virtually unscathed.   That is what it is all about … hope … searching the horizon for a better day, a better way, a glimmer of something good coming your way.

In the four or five decades I have always hoped for many things, only to be disappointed over and over.  End of war on the planet was always my profound hope, that some day we would learn how to live in peace with those who just don’t quite see it our way.

Cure for Cancer, that is a big one, have heard about that all of my life, but don’t see it happening.  Too much money in Cancer, it isn’t cheap to get sick, and a lot of people are living off the misery and suffering of others.

The end of the slaughter of wild elephants and rhinos in Africa for their tusks and the horn, all of which usually go to our good friends in China.  The ivory has made them so valuable they are being slaughtered in unbelievable numbers now, and most likely will not make it.  Same with the rhino, his horn used for dagger handles and sexual potions makes him a walking target.  The Tiger is on the way out, it is apparent that the biggest predator on the planet happens to be man.  They are being hunted with helicopters now and whole herds are disappearing … I would hope that would stop, but I don’t see it happening any time soon.

Believe it or not, I hope to see some real live, good gravy will you look at that, genuine extraterrestrials in my life time.  I hear about them flying around the place much too often to just blow them off and say they are not out there.  I hope to see some before I die.  At the very least, there are something like 25,000 solar systems just like ours out there, so that tells me that someone is living there somewhere.

If you stop and think about it, it is entirely possible.

Our universe has literally billions of planets in it.  The odds of another planet like ours is greatly enhanced when you stop and consider the vastness of space, entirely plausible.  I don’t know if they are ready for Viagra or Howie Mandell, but I believe they are out there.

This weekend I discovered an amazing fact that I will share with you.

Working mothers who work for telephone sex companies in the U.S. have risen sharply, over 400% in the last 18 months, because of this lousy economy.  Most of them I suppose are a little embarrassed  but it is the best way they have found to make money at home.  Having tried everything, this is the fastest way for them to get their family back on their feet.  I hope some day that women do not have to resort to measures like this to feed their families and their kids do not go to bed hungry at the end of the day.

There you go, 600 words (MOL) on hope ….

Mr. Obama promised us hope, but we have discovered it is much easier to grasp at reality than it is to hang onto hope.  When a politician promises hope, there isn’t any, and for the most parts, your boat is sunk.

I hope some day, that will change.


It’s a new life … its a new day … and I am feeling good.  


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Cartoon courtesy of AmericanProgress.Org

The New-You

Here lately, I have been devoting a lot of time and thought to the matter of Identity Theft.  Surely a serious concern in our day and age, the loss of one’s personal information to someone who is less than trustworthy with it. It amazes me the attitude of some credit agencies and banking institutions concerning this important matter.  It is stolen information, but you, the consumer, are responsible for it.  To make matters even worse, they get their files hacked, and allow your personal information to be compromised and you are still held accountable for that too.

Something is not right when this is allowed to happen.

It has never happened to me, so I have never had to endure this long process of recovery, but I can assure you it is still on my mind a lot of the time.  I am very stingy with my personal information because of it, to the extent of taking my mail to town to post, just in case.

Stepping outside my comfort zone … I wonder, if someone was to steal your information and assume your identity, why is it that you cannot just assume a totally new I.D.?

Now if that were the case that would certainly be a plus for me.  Would they take down all those old pictures at the Post Office? Would I be able to get a totally new VISA/MasterCard with increased generous limits?  While we are at it, I would like to be three inches taller, and someone, anyone, bring back my hair!  (Those other physical improvements that no longer work will be discussed in a separate post on a date that is yet to be announced) Would my wife recognize me, would my dog allow me to reach down and pet him on top of his head?

Important questions.

Then there is the bright side, there is always a bright side, didn’t you know that?  All those people who call you and want to solicit your vote, they will not have your new-you identity and your new-you telephone number.  No more calls for storm windows and doors, carports on the front of your house, that guy is no longer around.

And because you live in you newly established new-you world, no pesky letters from Clearing House Sweepstakes.  You are not a finalist anywhere on the planet, the old-you gets that stuff now, you as the new-you get nothing.

The I.R.S. cannot find you, you no longer exist, as the new-you just just kind of slipped thru the cracks as the politicians are so fond of describing the practice of corruption and theft in this country.

The bartender no longer will be able to give you your usual, as you as the new-you, are not all that familiar with him to begin with.  All the old sad songs no longer apply in your new happy life, the sad songs and the down stuff on the radio and television is now for the old-you.

The new-you won’t be able to just leave love alone.

In the dark you will slide over to her side of the bed, you put your lips up to her ear and whisper sweet nothings to her and surround her with newly found energized affection and love.  The heart in the new-you chest is beating hard and fast, the perspiration beads up in the temple of your new-you head and you sigh, long and hard, as you pull her body close to you.

She then says … “Knock it off, I am tired.  I have to work tomorrow.  Go to sleep.”

Which just goes to show you, “you can only take a totally new-you so far in this world” some things work for the betterment of man, and some things do not.

But what the hey?

It is always worth the shot.


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The Zombie Chronicles

I.D. Theft is real .. Be Careful.

A full moon on the prairie and of course, following quickly on its heels, come I all sweaty like and bent out of shape.

It is sad to say, but I morph into some kind of werewolf loony when the moon is full.  It might be because a great deal of my physical make-up is water, and the gravitational pull is strongest when the moon is full, I dunno?

But enough of that, today we are going to talk about Zombies.

It seems like every time I sit down in front of the boob tube to watch a little television there is some kind of ghoulish show on.  The tube here lately is filled to the brim with zombies or some other terrible apparition.  We seem to have a fascination with these creatures of the dark, that come out of the underworld to eat us alive.

It used to be in October around Halloween when they all showed up.  But now fugitabout it.  They are here and amongst us all the time.  Only thing that could make them worse (if this is even possible) is to add DiscoverCard or Free Credit Score commercials to the episodes.

As if I did not have enough trouble dealing with life on a daily basis, I now have to worry about some soul-less ghouls who stalk me on just about every channel on the dial, or are on the screen in every movie house in America.  Nothing like a good dose of stalking the living and sharing your dinner or sandwich with a dues paying member of The Walking Dead.

Good to know that besides starvation in Africa, Aids, HIV, runaway radiation in Japan, triple digit temperatures and heatstroke in the Heartland, bad credit, inflation, and not an honest candidate in sight.  We now have to worry about monsters devouring our flesh, intestines, and most importantly … Our brains.

Come to think of it, that kind of describes an elected official of the government to me.

Most of the time the storyline is the same.  The zombies are here to take over the earth, they are going to eat us or destroy us, one way or the other.  (Almost at times resembling the habits and character of an investment banker)  They are on a mission to search us out and do away with us.  In some cases it is almost as if they are a take off on the Nation’s Economy or something like that.  Zombies exemplify all that is wrong in the world, and they take it and twist it around to use to their own advantage.

They thrive on what we fear the most.

As society decays they will be the one’s who are capable of working the new advanced weapons, machinery, growing the food for the nation, repairing the cars and getting rid of the computer viruses.  Urban and suburban aristocrats will no longer be needed, with no social status or value, they will of course, be eliminated.

Which is kind of good in a strange way.

Because with all of this going on, almost daily, and on every channel of the network, it will take my mind off of other things.  Such as worrying about some gay boy or girl selling me a piece of half-cooked chicken at Chick Fillet.

So you see … Everything always works out for the best …  

All you have to do is keep the faith.

Stay cool.


Email of the Week

Here tiz:

A few years back I stopped at a coin shop in a nearby town.  The owner was an elderly gentleman in his late 70’s.  He was a friendly and knowledgeable  man and I often found myself stopping by to visit with him even if I wasn’t shopping for coins.  Chester was a good story teller and had been around long enough to know plenty of them.

One Saturday I stopped in to visit him and while away some time.  He began to tell me about a man who had stopped in earlier in the week.  This guy was a mayor in a town some distance away and had come to Chester’s shop to sell some coins.  He and Chester sat down at a table and viewed each coin individually before agreeing on a price.  The price was then written down and at the end, all were tallied for a total.

I should state here that Chester was extremely good at his profession.  He knew the value of almost all American coins off the top of his head.  And even though he didn’t always have the highest bid, he usually got to buy the coin because he always paid in cash.  This particular trade was no different with Chester offering at the low end of the market value.  The final tally was made and Chester offered the mayor $2,200 for the coins which he readily accepted.

After counting out the cash to the mayor, Chester decided to be a little nosey, as was his habit.  He asked the mayor how he had come by the coins.  The mayor replied that an old man in his town had passed away recently and he, the mayor, being a coin collector himself, offered to help the widow determine what her husband’s collection was worth.

So he went to her home and they looked over the coins which the mayor purchased from her.  Chester asked him what he had paid for them and he replied, “Fifteen hundred dollars.”

At that point in the story, Chester gave kind of a sideways glance and said, “Now I love the Lord and all that, but them politicians ‘ll f*** ya!”

Chester passed away about a year after that.  He was a good friend and I miss him.  But every time I think of him, I can’t help but laugh as I think about his opinion of politicians.