How Do They Know I am NOT in Texas?


I open up my FakeBook account and there it is, “So and so, says you are not in Texas, you are in Oklahoma.”  (Sanity Fix According to Mike Crouch, your still in Oklahoma and if the lake don’t rise will see you tomorrow…….How in the ____ did they know that?

Do they have GPS strapped to the underbody of the beast, when I pulled into the Flyin Hooker to purchase copious amounts of ancient dead hydrocarbon based animals.  Did they surreptitiously slither underneath my old hoopie and place a tracking doo-hickey (Okie Technical term) to follow me around the country.

By the way, “I do not personally know anyone that goes by that name,” that is kind of buggin me too.

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All Prayed Up … An Hunkered Down

WeekendIt has been a regular barn burner of a week here in the Heart-Land, lot of rain, wind and other tremendous examples of the power of nature.  My week has been somewhat traumatic and fraught with problems, not A-typical as I would prefer.  

Perhaps the only hope left is devine.  Time to humble myself and ask for assistance.  A woman’s prayer and then a man’s prayer may be the order of the day

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