Jus Sayin 01-06-17


It is not easy, sitting here, 24/7 writing all this, five days per week.  No wait a minute, is that right?  531 words just for you, now tell me, “don’tcha feel kinda special.  The PUMP-HOUSE GANG IS NOW LONG GONE, AS AS USUAL, IT WAS ALL ABOUT GRANDMA.

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Musak Munday … K.T. Oslin – Come Next Monday

Musak Munday … KT Oslin … How To Be Happy in Under 425 words.

Let’s face facts folks, “I am just too good looking for my height.”  There I said it … I feel much, much better.  That rumor has been floating around for quite sometime, and the fact is, “it is true.” 

The reason I know it is true, I am the one who is spreading it. 

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Thank Gawd It’s Friday …

February ... The month for Lovers.Who came up with this “Thank God It Is Friday?” thing. 

Back in the day … When I was young and working I dreamed of Friday for a rest day, only took eleven or twelve years in the seniority system, where it actually became a reality.  Now days, all of my “bad news” seems to come rolling down the pike and hits here on Friday. Continue reading

Will You Be My Friend …

images-5One of the best things about life, is friendship.  Good friends are the cornerstone of all relationships.  I still remember and often communicate by telephone, email, my website, with friends that I have had since childhood. 

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Not Quite Quotes

Greetings to you this miserable and somewhat cold after Thanksgiving Saturday.   Let us hope that you are well and in good spirits this day and with family? 

My grandmother, bless her heart, used to tell me as she was cleaning up the Thanksgiving table, “Hold on to your fork Donnie, the best is yet to come (desert).”  It was one of those wonderful things that she said and did that I have kept in memory of her.

She is gone now, she went on to be with the Lord a long time ago, and although she has died and is no longer with us, I still think of her often. 

So this week, I have hung onto the best until last, and today I thought I would share it with all of you.

I have been following a blog that I found interesting, it is entitled

I’ve Become My Parents. 

“I didn’t see it coming and I don’t know when the process was finally complete. I shouldn’t be surprised. But here I am looking in the mirror, and there they are looking back at me.  I don’t know why it scares us so much to look at our folks and say “that’ll be me some day”.”

Some time back I copped a link (following) and have been checking in from time to time to see what the offering might be.  I must admit, I am seldom (if ever) disappointed.  Here is a sampling for you.

Not Quite Quotes from I’ve Become My Parents:

If you love somebody, set them free. If they return, you probably owe them money.
Do not dwell in the past…unless the present really sucks.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s just that some beholders have better taste than others.
Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.Unless you prefer to stay married.
Honesty is the best policy. Unless you prefer to stay married.
Love means never having to say you’re sorry. Unless you prefer to stay married.

He who fails to plan, plans to marry someone who’s a better planner.
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice and I’ll slash your tires.
You snooze, you lose. But you’ll be well-rested so there’s that.
To err is human. To admit it is divine.

People who live in glass houses should not throw my grandmother’s fruitcake.
Time waits for no man. Except my son, over whom time has no control whatsoever.
Life is a give and take. I’ll give you my opinion and you’ll take it without question. ‘Kay?
Tis better to give than to receive fruitcake.

A rose by any other name still makes me sneeze.
Success is to be measured not so much by the position one has reached in life as by the obstacles he has put in front of his competition.
You can have my grandma’s fruitcake and eat it too. It’ll be at least a month before it’s digested.
People with kidney stones should not run in glass houses.

He who laughs last is probably alone because he’s so obnoxious that everyone else has left.
Be the change you want to see in the world. Unless the change has to do with diapers because that would be weird.
To each his own. Unless it’s chocolate, then you share with me.
Birds of a feather are pretty much the only kind of birds.

Don’t count your chickens before you decide what to have for breakfast.
Life is like a box of chocolates: there are always too many nuts.
Hey Early Bird, you can have the worm, just don’t wake me on your way out the door.
My personal favorite:  When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Unless your lemons are metaphorical; then you’re screwed. Sorry.

Might add one to the list:  Friends don’t give friends fruitcakes. 

If you have a little time on your plate today and you are still not full … trot over to I’ve Become My Parents for a taste of some good stuff.    Make a visit today to this wordpress site … You won’t be disappointed.


Old Dirt Road

Old Man Winter is not far off, I can feel it in my bones.  Noticed yesterday on the return trip from town that all the tree’s are starting to turn.  Winter is just around the corner, I know it is so, didn’t we just fiddle with the clocks, aren’t all the songbirds missing from the yard?

I am not ready.

Was looking thru some old photo’s and it shows the road in front of the house as  a dirt road.   And it got me to thinking about how things have changed.

A century ago, human life expectancy was 47 years of age.  The speed limit on most roads was about 10 MPH (about the speed of a brisk walk), I don’t know what the price of fuel was back then, maybe a nickel, that sounds right.  The average wage was about .22 cents per hour.

One out of every six homes had a bathtub, and only one out of every ten, had a telephone.  Say … Did you know that the bathtub was invented some 74 years before the telephone.  Think about it, you could have laid in there and soaked for three-quarters of a century and no one would have called. Bet that would wrinkle your toes, eh?

Women washed their hair with egg yolks, Coca-Cola actually had cocaine in it.  Johnny Carson was just starting out as the host of the Tonight Show … Figure that one out Class of ’81.

When you talk about old dirt roads, if you start every sentence with:  “I remember when Coke’s were a nickel, seven cents (if you kept the bottle) and dogs could not vote.” You are aging yo’self … Be careful.  Many people who are familiar with the workings of the human mind, know how to manipulate us.  When you speak in generic terms, you open a floodgate of emotion for them to abuse you with.

I will continue … The Do-Nut Shop isn’t open at this hour, and I feel this compelling urge to free you from your suffering, and awaken you to the transformational power that comes from expressing the old days in nostalgic terms.

Speaking of terms?  I learned a new one this week (nice blend eh?).

It is “Skookum” a term from the Chinook Indians that is still used in some parts of British Columbia and the Northwest.    It means:  “in cahoots with good spirits and completely made for the job.”  Wikipedia suggests that when you’re skookum, you’ve got a clear purpose and are standing in your power spot.   Which may or may not work for me, it has been so long since I had any kind of power, I have forgotten where to hook up the jumper cables.

Just remember Boys & Girls, often the truth needs to be packed in great illusion.

Just recall these simple rules of life, and you shall be okay, it works for me.  Never play cards with a man named “Doc.”  Never eat at a place named “Mom’s.”  Never, ever, sleep with a woman whose troubles are worse than yours.  And lastly, “Never, ever, start a sentence with the words, I remember when the earth was warm.”  (Dead Give Away)

Please remember today is Veteran’s Day, what you have, what you enjoy, it was all bought and paid for at a great cost, a sacrifice was made, so that you might be able to live this life you have.  It was bought by a Vet …  Freedom as they say … Is not free.  Take some time today to reflect on that will you?

If you wish to know more, trot over here to this site, Ava Aaston.wordpress. com and read someone else’s take on it.