Jus Sayin 1221


This commercial video will end in nine seconds
not if I beat you to the X it won’t.
This could be a life changing event in your life
but it is really kind of doubtful

It eliminates odors, freshens carpets and air
why not just get rid of the cat
We have late breaking news from the city
what can you tell us Kevin … Not much … back to you Ken

Your life is pretty much a mess if you use a bathroom mirror
to take a selfie to post for all your fake friends on FaceBook
You step onto the elevator and the operator looks at you
and then says “Down?”
Your life is in the proverbial dumper when your date climbs into bed with you
and she promptly puts the bag over her head.

Saw my first 2015 model car today they have a new safety feature
as soon as the lite turns green
the car behind you honks its horn
pretty cool.

Your Mama had it right,
three rules for everything
No fighting
No fussing
No back-talking

My father on the other hand had only two
“Shut Up.”
“Go ask your mother.”

The race doesn’t always go to the swiftest runner
Nor does the battle go to the strongest man
but that is the way to bet your money

Jus Sayin