C’mon Spring Time

"It looked a lot longer at the store"

“It looked a lot longer at the store”

Strangely while gone, I picked up some creepy readers.  Look at these search terms I found yesterday:  Sex girl, sex girls, girl sex, bengali wife boobs, photos girls, sex c string, girl sex com, transparent c string bikini, girls sexual images, sex, girl.com, sex girl in bikini … my personal favorite of course, was “bengali wife boobs.”  That one rowed my boat. Continue reading

Not So News


The news is big news right now.

Catchy huh?  I thought up that one all by myself I did I did.  No news here, Skywriter and TrueBlueTexan are currently covering the news or rather the apparent lack of it on their sites.  Check ’em out.  Both of these girls are doing a cracker jack job of it not like that lame crap over at Margaret & Helens.

As for us?  We are doing our level best to wean ourselves off of the news as best as we can. Unfortunately, I am one of these were-wolf loonies that takes it personal when they club seals to death, or I see another sick beached dolphin or Japanese killing a whale.

I stay away from the news.

Especially the bozo’s on channel five, who when there isn’t any real news, will manufacture their own.  Case in point … Anyone out there ever heard of a “sleet skillet” … I rest my case.  Oklahoma news would be a lot more interesting if the “eye witness reports” did not include women with curlers in their hair, dressed in a Mu-Mu (that appears to be as large as medium-sized wagon sheet) and if they had least had their teeth in at the time of the interview, that would help too.

That would be a lot better.

News in America tends to be a “black and white thing” all too often.  Black crime seems to be stupid, not all that crazy.  Where on the other hand, white crimes, are just plain nuts.  When you hear on the news that somebody chopped off someone’s head, and then put the body parts in the freezer in the garage, that is a white guy.

When you hear of someone pushing an old lady down a flight of stairs to get her welfare check, that is a black guy.  Now if someone were to cut out the old lady’s eyes and use them for knick-knacks or something like that, again, a white guy.

Same thing with robbery … bank robbery, black guy, pension fund and $300 million … white guy for sure.  They send the black guy to prison for say five life sentences and three months, the white guy, puts on a suit and tie, and gets a hearing before Congress.

What passes for news these days isn’t really worth watching anyway.

Mostly we get fashion reports, who is wearing their underwear and who is not in Hollywood, which celebrity recently got pregnant or has emerged from drug rehab.  I mean, who needs it?  I even note now that Joan Rivers is vaguely starting to resemble some of the people that she used to make fun of in the past.

Marie in her weight loss commercials is starting to resemble a hooker and if it were not for Barbara Walters telling me who is interesting and who is not, I would have gone bonkers a long time ago.  Big thing this morning is everyone bitching about Obama drinking a beer and going to a basketball game.

Why people do this is beyond me, everyone is entitled to a little recreation every now and then.  America seems prone to just castrate this guy every chance that they get.  A lot of it coming out of Louisiana, what in the world is in the drinking water in that state anyway?

I guess this is why I just don’t watch the news.

So mainly, I just go out to the mall, occasionally to the counter at the coffee shop, sit there and listen to the under-pinning of life, and gather my material or form my ideas, and then I bring them home to the keyboard and I share them with you.

It is a tough job … but someone has to do it.  Most folks seem to be reverting or rather turning to the internet for their main news source.  But I ask you, is this a good idea or not?  Look what people are doing on my site searching for entertainment and/or news.

A lot of strange things on the net, here is what people used to search my site with yesterday.  The sad part is this isn’t anything out of the ordinary, happens all the time.

bikini girls 8 More stats
girls in bikinis 2 More stats
girls bikinis 2 More stats
skinny dipping motel 2 More stats
anti fart butt expander 1 More stats
how to force someone to pick a number 1 More stats
killer whale 1 More stats
born again american 1 More stats
men are pigs 1 More stats

Now you tell me, because I am lost on this one “anti fart butt expander?”

I haven’t seen anything on the news about that here lately.  But then again, like I said, I haven’t been watching.  Millions …. Billions … Trillions and then we have Maxi …. Mega …. and Meta.

You know what we don’t have anymore?  “Super Duper” …  I kinda miss that.

No really … I really do.